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Niki Robinson

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“An Affirmation Today (keeps the fear away)”

These 10 affirmations are set up in the Ancient Indian tradition of Mantras,(in english) where as the aspirant is encouraged to focus on one phrasing leading to discriminative discernment.These affirmations are part of “The Curriculum of Love “in the Multiverse school of life as part of “the Life you were meant to Live” course. Click Here  for Affirmations.



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In this FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session we will shine LIGHT onto the “SHADOW SELF” and begin the process of uncovering that which has been hidden in plane sight!




Dr. Anja Walter-Ris

Dr. Anja Walter-Ris’ “Special Training” where you can see the amazingly powerful  Alpha Synapses Programming done on Beyonce’s former backup singer and star of Chicagolicious, Niki Robinson! Watch now! ANJA TRAINING EPISODE STILL Click here to see what Niki says about Anja’s training and to sign up for your very own special training session with Dr. Anja Walter- Ris.

Dr Anja Walter-Ris

Complimentary Stardom Coaching Discovery session with Dr. Anja Walter-Ris Stardom coaching encompasses energy healing work that has a deep impact on all levels of your being – mind, body and soul – as well as masterful breakthrough coaching and truthful communication training. Guests will automatically receive Anja’s Star Inspirations after sign-up! Sign Up Now!

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“Manifest Your Ideal Relationship with Money”with Alpha Synapses Programming™

Money and your relationship with it affect all three core areas of life: your professional purpose, your relationship with people and things, and your personal growth and happiness.  pile-of-money

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For PDF 10 page transcript with clear directions and a do-it-yourself-template Click on the link below

Free PDF 10 page transcript

Anja would love to hear from you about how this magic tool and Alpha (ASP) has been for you! Please share with your experience and your results at here.

Tiffany Josephs

4 soul questions graphic-New Graphic“Fill your life with this truth!” To get started, sign up below and you’ll have instant access to 4 Soul Questions to Declare Your True I AM, plus weekly (totally FREE) soul-rousing inspiration that takes you beyond the answers and into the holy wonder that you are! Sign up now here!

Keith Allen Kay

“Get ready to experience your Ultimate Soul Declaration!” This is Who I Am is a sacred voyage into the hidden treasures of your vast and powerful Soul. In this one day retreat, you’ll join hearts with spiritual adventurers like you and bring to brilliant form the mysterious language of your Soul.   Click on image for additional information This is Who I Am         LivingFromSource for Show

Gospel of Innocence

We invite you to join Tiffany Josephs and Keith Allen Kay for an audio download of an amazing conversation about the Gospel of Innocence also included is a Mandala created by Keith Allen Kay.

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Rhonda Liebig

Rhonda' GiftLow on Energy? Motivation? Feeling the 3PM Slump? Are you in need of a workout + recipe?

Full-Glass-Green-Drink-150x150This workbook will help you get connected to your personal health sabotages. Once you know what your health sabotages are you will be able to take action by following the workbook. Follow the coaching steps and with each shift in change that you add to your daily life will increase your Energy, Motivation, and the 3PM slump will start to disappear. Get this workbook now!   Rhonda LieBig Gift 2Do you feel overwhelmed?  Do you feel like it is difficult to keep up with your day to day life? Do you want to find your youthful pep?

  • Discover how your every day food and lifestyle choices affect your health, your family, your life. Period!
  • Outline a personalized plan of action for you
  • This strategy session will reveal your unique 5 step accelerated Higher Energy Higher Dollar Stream model that will add additional business in a sustainable and scalable way.

Tami Call

Tami Call Discover what it truly means to “Let Your Light Shine” and the seven essential steps to get you there in Tami Call’s free gift to you: 7 Steps to Brilliance: How to Make the Leap from Being Unseen, Unheard and Unknown to Letting Your Light Shine You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the barriers and fears preventing you from expressing your true brilliance in the world
  • Identify your true gifts, values and strengths that will lead you to your purpose and help you serve others
  • Know where to focus your time and energy as you start implementing the 7 Steps to
  • BrillianceAlign your life purpose with the business you feel called to create so you can fulfill your unique mission in the worldAnd more!

PLUS receive access to a special Breakthrough to Brilliance Strategy Session offer available ONLY to Orgena Rose Show viewers! Our Free Gift to You!

Annie Loyd

The Fusion Foundation

Act Fast! The first 20 people to Follow the Link Below and Post a Message will Receive the Beautiful FUSION Foundation Luna Calendar! Don’t forget to Mention the Orgena Rose Show in your Message!

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Spiritually conscious professionals, business owners, healers and teachers:

Grow Your Self AND Your Wealth!

Transform Your Financial Life Now with Your FREE Money Keys Starter Kit! Get it here!

Orgena's PicInspirational Music for Wealth & Well-Being(CD) 

Deepen your experience of wealth and well-being with music from some of today’s most gifted singers, songwriters, and spiritual performers, including Rickie Byars-Beckwith, Daniel Nahmod, and Karen Drucker. Co-produced by recording artist, Orgena Rose, these selections are intended to help you realize the spiritual promise of Karen Russo’s teachings in The Money Keys. Get it now!

    Karens Book The Money Keys Book, If you’re ready to take the next steps toward overcoming money blocks, and instead realize the power of true, permanent financial peace of mind and prosperity, then you’re ready for The Money Keys!Get it here!




Lori Rosenberg

BE POSITIVE,  EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS,  EMBRACE YOUR PASSION, CREATE TRUE PROSPERITY! Learn how to embrace clarity and balance, rediscover your self-worth, experience new energy and optimism, achieve the success and satisfaction that you deserve, enjoy wellness and peace of mind, transform. Please Upload link for easy listening: LDR-Treemeditation.mp3

106_vnex TappingTune In to Tapping! Learn about ProEFT and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) meridian energy coaching and certified Money Breakthrough Method coaching programs to eliminate the toxic effects of stress and anxiety, overcome limiting beliefs or past trauma, and break free from negativity and exhaustion.




You will also receive a potent audio program entitled “Quick Energy Techniques for Greater Clarity, Empowerment and Ease”. If you are wanting to make a shift and not sure how to begin? The simplest way to align with higher states of awareness is by consciously demonstrating the vibration or feeling of selected “Living” words. The more harmonic your resonance and alignment, the easier it is to create your dreams. In this teleclass I share simple yet profoundly effective tools to help you immediately relieve stress and overwhelm; feel more present and focused; gain clarity and increase creativity.     Kumari2Free ebook “5 Keys to Successful Animal Communication” a compilation of my decades of practice and teaching telepathic communication and energy healing with animals. Apply just one of the techniques in this ebook and you will see a dramatic difference in your relationship with your animals.   You will also receive my bi-monthly complimentary Ezine, Kumari Healing News with original articles and valuable tips on reiki, energy healing, intuitive development including animal communication, and manifesting along with up to date information regarding ongoing learning opportunities with me. One reader praised the articles as “real writing” and other readers tell us how they are able to go out and instantly implement the techniques for profound results.

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Gaia Earth Star

GaiaBanner GaiaEarthStarLogo Click the button below to view Gaia’s message and connect to the Unconditional Love Vibration.  Mother Earth Blessings – Gaia, Your Soul Astrologer <3 GaiaGiveAwayA

Sabine Messner

To see what other programs Sabine has to offer, click on the link below: SabineAffiliate

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Ruth Klein

Ruth Klein


Your FREE Kit contains: 7-Part Brand & Marketing Video Series; “7 Ways to Create a Powerful Brand that Attracts Your Ideal Clients” “5 Essential Strategies to Help You Uncover the Secret Energy Of Your Brand”

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Therese Skelly

Serving with Selling

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AnneMarie Cross

ACGiveTo see what other programs AnneMarie has to offer, click on the link below: ACAff

Elizabeth HartiganElizabethHartiganebook

To receive Elizabeth Hartigan’s Free E-Book called “7 Steps to Stay Centered in Gratitude” please visit  TheGratitudeGirl.  To see what other programs Elizabeth has to offer, click on the link below: ElizabethHartiganBook3d What Are You Grateful For Today? Celebrating The Beauty And Magnificence That Surrounds You! This is a “play” book designed to bring a greater foundation of gratitude into your life. This is a sacred space for you to play and “dwell” in the land of gratitude. “Don’t Forget to mention that the Orgena Rose Show sent You!”

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