Sacred Singer Artist Development

Have you always wanted to record a CD?

Do you want to write or have songs written but they’ve not been recorded?

Do you wish you could finally get the music that’s inside of you out and into the world?


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Now is the time for you to finally have your dream become a reality with

Producer, Playwright, Broadway Star and Award Winning Voice Expert and Recording Artist, Orgena Rose

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With over 20 years of singing, songwriting, performance and recording experience, Orgena will guide you step by step to creating, writing and recording your own music in a professional LA Studio with Grammy Nominated Team!


Orgena is amazing and powerful! I started training with her just to sing better and ended up on a year long journey writing music, performing live, and airing a YouTube channel. Now I’m recording my first EP and creating a lucrative singing career, and she has helped me every step of the way. When you work with Orgena you don’t just improve, your whole life changes!

In this program you will:

 => Finally sing the song in your soul and share it with the world!
=> Unleash the music that’s inside of you out and let your voice be heard!
=> Record your CD professionally with your style and have your music sound the way you want it to!

What is the process like of recording my CD?

1. First, you will have a powerful Visioning and Orientation Session to go over the process and begin laying down the foundation for your project.  You will have absolute clarity as to what is needed and what steps we will take so you can have your successfully recorded CD!

2. Second, you will receive an in-depth Song Creation Session to capture the magic and messages you’d like to share with your music.  Depending on how many songs you are recording, and if you have the Songwriting Success course, we will then begin writing the songs.
3. Then we practicing and refine the vocals with Empowered Vocal Coaching to make sure you sound your best. You will receive insider secrets to make your voice studio ready! We also create practice tracks for you to sing to so you can be completely comfortable with your songs. We cover licensing and copyrighting any original songs so they’re protected.
4. Finally, we get to work with Grammy nominated professionals in a Los Angeles recording studio, to record your songs!  If you have the music video package, we will capture these incredible moments in the studio on video!
5. To complete this exciting journey, we deliver the draft to you, and if there are any edits you’d like, we make those edits. We repeat the process one more time if necessary so that you are 100% DELIGHTED with your songs. The songs are professionally packaged and you finally have your voice and music recorded on CD ready to share with the world!
Click below to view the different packages and once you’ve chosen, apply for your Record My Music Discovery Session. 

Stop Waiting. Finally have what you’ve dreamed of!


Check out our wonderful SACRED SINGER SUCCESS recording opportunities below!


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Don’t Die With Your Music Inside Of You… Now Is Your Time

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“With her incredible loving presence, Orgena inspires people to find their unique voice and with her technical skill she assists them to find the highest form of expression for their individual gift. Her workshops are empowering and transformative for all who attend.” – Michele Whittington

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I’d tried Toast Masters for 10 years and could never get up the nerve to even talk in front of people – Orgena got me to SING in front of an audience after 1 Workshop!!! I don’t know what to say! She’s an angel! – Bill Kremer, Bill Kremer Photography

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After only 1 session I got what I needed. She knows how to cut to the core of what it takes to free your voice to do all it can do! Life Changing! – Paige Peterson

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With Orgena’s guidance, I have truly found my voice and she has continued to help me and several others accomplish our goals… Ms. Rose is not only a talented, gifted and professional vocal coach with an impressive professional career but she is a very giving and patient teacher -K. Houston, Vision Consulting, LLC

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Orgena is a wonderful vocal coach in that she brings her numerous years’ experience of being coached by the finest teachers in the industry. She is creative in her teaching technique, always making it fun and enjoyable. Her knowledge of the human instrument is phenomenal and she has many “tools” in her vocal tuning toolbox to share. My own voice has become stronger as I have aged and my confidence in my performing ability has definitely been boosted by my sessions with Orgena. – Lyndsey Watson, River of Song

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I found my voice with you both literally and figuratively! I’ve had 2 promotions which is unheard of! The courage I learned with you I took out into the “real” world. It afforded me the opportunity to try things that I never ever would have done in a million years had I not started with you!   I obtained a meeting with the VP of the multi-million dollar company where I work …I asked for and RECEIVED $100,000.00!  – Fan

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I am so filled with Gratitude from working with Orgena! She gave me the confidence to get up in front of people and speak my truth powerfully!-Elizabeth Hartigan, The Gratitude Girl

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Thanks for all of the training material. I went back through the exercise last night. Definitely already hearing a difference. When talking to someone, if I do nothing but think about raising my chest then it makes a big difference. Plus that posture gives the boost of confidence which doubles the effect 🙂    – Matthew Linden, Project Million

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I came to Orgena and had 3 goals and after only 1 Session, I got ALL THREE!!!-Dee D.

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4280596000_b3abb0bc71Orgena Rose is a Producer, TV Host, ComposerVocalist, Author, Motivational Speaker and Award Winning Voice Expert. She is Founder of Orgena Rose Studios, Global Artists Academy and Sacred Rose Productions ~Producing Inspiring and Empowering Music, Video, and TV.  She is host of the Orgena Rose Show which shines a light on those who are letting their light shine. For over 20 years she has been helping artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to heal, empower and find their voice so they can get their message out into the world in a bigger way and shine their brightest light! She has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall, and toured internationally and appeared on OPRAH, Today Show, Rosie O’Donnell Show, PBS and  Conan. She has also appeared in numerous commercials and movies where her original music is featured, has sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Audra McDonald, and shared the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson and other great luminaries. It is this depth of experience and expertise that she shares with others from a heart of love and a desire to empower others which is the very meaning of her name.Called the next Oprah by many, Orgena is a pioneer of online broadcasting and was one of the first Entertainment Producers online at AV Daily News in 1999. She founded Sacred Rose Productions, a full service production company where she not only produces TV but video and original music as well. She also founded the Global Artists Academy, through which she provides workshops, programs, and courses in her mission to give back and inspire, empower and transform lives. Her students and clients have gone on to start new businesses, get national TV interviews, land leading roles, tour internationally, sing on American Idol, win Mrs. America competitions, and have successful public speaking careers that have been tapped by Oprah to appear in O magazine!
Empower Your Voice ~ Shine Your Light ~ It’s All About Love

To schedule a call to find out more details to see which program is a fit for you please CLICK HERE.

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