Be The Change

Sing with Orgena and Be The Change we want to see in the world!
We are excited to help unify, empower and transform not only in our community but the world through music by celebrating World Singing Day.   

Together we can Be The Change!

You can join Orgena on her new song, Be The Change
How? In 2 ways:

1. VIDEO: Shoot a video of yourself singing the chorus, (with your cell phone or camcorder) upload it to YouTube and send the link to us along with your name to

2. FLASH MOB: Join us on World Singing Day when will record the flash mob for the music video on October 22, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ.

To confirm your attendance for the flash mob, please click here and include your name and cell phone #.

(You will be sent to the photo and video release that we must have in order for you to participate)



Our Ark of Love Campaign:

Here’s Our Campaign for 100 Acts of Random Kindness (A.R.K)

We’re building an A.R.K of love!

100 days and 100 ways to share 100 Acts of Random Kindness

Let’s shift the focus and shift the energy and truly BE the change by sharing love and light! Over the next 100 days, let’s focus on how we can share the love and light that we are with those around us in big and small ways!

A lot of people offering little acts of love = big impact.

  • Pay it forward – buy a stranger lunch, a cup of coffee
  • Leave a love note in a text for a friend you don’t see much
  • Offer a compliment to a co-worker
  • Send a written prayer to someone who is grieving
  • Take 5 minutes, choose a place or person to whom you will send light and energy
  • Buy 2 cans of food and send it to a feeding center
  • Tell your favorite joke and share the light of laughter
  • Give $1 away for every years old you are
  • Leave an anonymous thank you note for a restaurant server
  • Give an hour of your time to help a disadvantaged student with school work
  • Stop on the street and say hello and offer a smile to a homeless person
  • Save your travel toiletries for a homeless shelter
  • Take treats to work and leave them on desks with a note of encouragement
  • Take a few minutes to ask for Divine light to penetrate the hate that is all around
  • Set your phone alert to remind you to say a love mantra every hour during one day
  • Take one thing from your closet and give it to someone who really needs it
  • Go to a senior center and spend time with someone whose family does not
  • Give a pint of blood
  • Vote
  • Send a love note to your senator, representative, governor, mayor, city council person even if you disagree with them
  • Share good thoughts
  • Visit your neighbor and say hello
  • Smile at people as they pass you by on the street
  • Forgive and send love and light to someone with whom you’ve had a challenge
  • Give a hug (even to yourself)
  • Say I Love You to the ones you love

Add your own to the list and tag us when you upload a pic or video using the following hashtags:

#ark #arkoflove #100ark #bethechange

You cannot overcome hate with hate…only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King

The following has been adapted from Lillie Brock’s “Musings”

Part of what creates an illusion is that somehow hate will overcome hate and fear will alleviate fear.  Nothing could be farther from the truth…

When I allow myself to be overwhelmed by grief, fear, sadness and hopelessness then I have allowed my own light to be dimmed. And while there is plenty in the world about which I might feel all these things, there is nothing more powerful than the divine light that is in me.  

Perhaps, then, there is nothing in life I can do that is more important than making sure I trust that divine light more than I engage the things that dim it.

Learn to doubt my doubts and have faith in my faith.

Hate tries, Love wins.  Violence threatens, Love wins.  Division begs. Love wins.  Resistance calls. Love wins.  

The power of love energizes my space and place and divine light moves me through the crowd in power.
THIS!  This is the way that I am to embody the power and love…


To have your name listed in the credits and receive additional perks such as T-Shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, free concert tickets and more, click here.

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A portion of all proceeds from the song will go to charities and causes to help girls, teens and young women who are

hungry, neglected or abused. (,,, etc.)


Thank you for adding your voice to this powerful song! We look forward to having you join us in sharing this message of transformation with the world.


Love and Light,

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