We’re Excited to Have You Be a Part of The First Season of The New Show “CROSSROADS”

With Our Award Winning Production Team!

CROSSROADS is a show about the intersection of our lives. It reflects the fact that we’re not one dimensional, we’re a multi-dimensional make up of a cross-section of different elements. We live at the intersections of relationships, health, spirit, and more and on CROSSROADS, we go deep into it all!

This Show Will Be Pitched to Major Networks and Launched On Apple TV, Youtube and Facebook For The World To See!

Massive exposure for you and your message!


Oh my God! It was the epitome of everything I wanted and envisioned!
The whole experience was exhilarating and very well structured and organized. I did my part and the details were handled by everyone else. It went very smoothly.  It was fun and way easier than I expected to be. It was deep and expansive, empowering, enlightening and fun! I would definitely recommended it!
-Rev. Sandi Daly, Divine Messengers Show

What Happens In This New TV Show Production?


  • Live TV Shoot Day – We will shoot the pilot and sizzle in September in NYC. Subsequent episodes shoot locations will be discussed on our production call. We will shoot at least 1-2 episodes of the show in 1-day! Each episode is 30 minutes long but the shoot will take approx 4-6 hours so plan on a full day with 2-3 bzzoutfit changes! We’ll provide lunch and finish with a lovely reception.
  • We Will Also Film 2 Different Closing Segments and B Roll – At the end of every episode we will want to direct people to different options (charities, events, products, etc,) so we will determine what that is and then film content to add into the end of each episode.
  • There will be 12 Episodes In the Season – We will roll out one episode per week for 12 weeks just like your favorite TV Shows and depending on current events it may be done live. If it’s picked up early, we will of course adjust accordingly. Each panel member shares the links and on at least Facebook and Twitter, send at least 2 solo emails and post about the show anywhere and everywhere!
  • Press Release About The New Show – We will write and syndicate a Press Release for you about signing a production deal with Sacred Rose Productions along with the concept for the show
  • My Team Will Create A Show Intro And Theme – This is the fancy graphics and shots that will be the introduction for every episode of the show
  • My Team Will Edit All Episodes For The Show – We will edit everything to make you and each panel member look and sound incredible.
  • We Will Air The TV Show On The Divine Spirit Network – There will be 30-days of distribution on the Divine Spirit Network which makes it also available on Apple TV. After the initial 30-days, we will continue to host the content on the Divine Spirit Network and pitch it to existing major networks
  • TV Training and Support Throughout Your Journey In The Divine Messenger Academy – As a bonus we want to ensure you are fully equipped and get the training you need to not only show up brilliantly on this TV Show, but have all the tools in your bag to always show comfortably and confidently on camera every time so you can be the Divine Messenger you came here to be. Once a month you will get live training from Orgena Rose and her team as well as access to our private Divine Messengers Portal and Facebook Community along with the monthly newsletter ($1,188 value)
  • 60-Minute TV Show Overview Call – You will jump on the phone with Orgena for 60 minutes and work together to assess how best to spotlight your skills, your personality, hot topics and where they intersect to best create the initial episodes of the show
  • Show Storyboard – We will map out each episode for the show and create the outline, themes, and production for each.
  • Pre-Production Call – Before the shoot, we will jump on the phone to go over any questions or loose ends to make sure you are 100% confident with each step of filming this TV Show
  • Shows That Sell Masterclass – Learn how to utilize your shows, interviews and appearances to get more bookings, more clients, and share your products and services in our partner’s training class, Interview Revenue. ($299 Value)

This would normally be a $50,000-$100,000 production but you will be able to participate and receive all of this by either getting sponsors or being a sponsor and raising only… 


(The minimum sponsorship amount of $997 must be in by October 10. Additional sponsorship amounts over 10,000 will be split 50-50 with panel guests.)
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Check Out What These Folks Had To Say About Their Divine TV Show Experience

“AHHHHHH that was so much fun. Orgena Rose you made me feel so comfortable in being able to share with everyone what is deep in my heart, pure transformation and getting into your authentic path. YES!”  

– Rhonda Liebig

Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Author of “The FITT Solution”



“What a great experience! From getting hair and make up done, to seeing the beauty of the set, and getting to be in the audience as the episodes were filled, the day was magical. Orgena is a wonderful, soulful interviewer. I felt like she helped me really shine by her beautiful energy and wonderful questions. It was awesome to be able to promote that I was a guest on the show and then get great feedback about my episode. Thanks Orgena for the opportunity!  
-Therese Skelly, Money Mindset Mentor and Business Catalyst

“WOW I feel so honored and excited and the sharing has already begun! One of the hardest things for me to be more visible is to feel fully seen, heard and understood at the spiritual levels, while understanding the value and the messages that need to be shared and to do that authentically. I have a long history of running from the camera that I have had to overcome. Orgena is a master at making me feel at ease and comfortable on camera, which has never been easy for me. It is the only reason I would even consider doing a TV show though I had been asked before. She has a way of pulling out the juicyness and making the whole process seem natural and easy.

You were BORN to do this! You’re such a natural and I LOVE playing with you Orgena and look forward to all the ways we get to play in the future!” -Kumari, Kumarihealing.com

After you signup today, your next step is to schedule your initial 60-minute planning call  to begin creating the outline and framework. You can do so on the next page. 

During that 60-minute planning call, we will create the outline and framework for your part in the show and discuss more details for the shoot!

(The minimum sponsorship amount of $997 must be in by October 10. Additional sponsorship amounts over 10,000 will be split 50-50 with panel guests.)
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What The Media Says…

There is something special about Orgena! She has such a magical way of putting everyone at ease so they can be comfortable sharing their story. You’re the next Oprah! – Rob Nelson, Nelson Radio, Clear Channel


There is a special light about you. You will go far and do amazing things in this industry!
-Monique  Carradine , Award Winning Radio and TV Host


Filming “CROSSROADS” With An Award Winning Producer Will Get Your Voice and Message on TV!


(The minimum sponsorship amount of $997 must be in by October 10. Additional sponsorship amounts over 10,000 will be split 50-50 with panel guests.)
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Brand Partners 

(Past and present)

The Divine Spirit Network is Founded By Orgena Rose

Called, “The Next Oprah,” and one of the first online Entertainment Producers, Orgena Rose is founder of the Divine Spirit Network, a television network that broadcasts inspirational programs that shares the light and unconditional love of God though music and message. It broadcasts spiritually uplifting talks, interviews, services, conferences, concerts and other programming so viewers have the opportunity to experience Divine Healing Love, Peace and Hope.

Orgena has combined her over 25 years in the arts and her spiritual journey which both began at the age of 7 to create a transformational experience that reaches people around the world 24-7. Highlights include performing on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Disney, Universal, international tours, as well as appearing on OPRAH, Today, Rosie O’Donnell Show, Conan and PBS. She has also appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies, has sung with artists such as Patti LabelleLea Michele and Audra McDonald, and shared the stage the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith and other great luminaries.
She has shared her original music and message at churches, spiritual centers, MCC conferences, charities and in concert since 1999 and has been recorded in numerous CDs including Broadway shows, Ella Fitzgerald tribute, Balm Ministries. She created her own record label, Sacred Rose Music, in 2006 and produced four CDs of her own music which has been featured in movies, as well as other other artist’s music. Utilizing her background as one of the first Entertainment Producers online, she expanded it to Sacred Rose Productions in 2013 to also include music video and TV production.
Orgena has also started numerous choirs and shared her voice, dance and theater expertise as a professor at colleges, high schools, and in workshops across the US helping others to “find their voice” and so they can sing and shine their brightest light since 1993. Her own education includes the University of the Arts, Westminster Choir College, Calvary Chapel Bible College and numerous other music and interfaith spiritual studies.
To give back she founded the Global Artists Academy, which provides courses, programs and workshops to those less fortunate, and WILU, a scholarship fund which helps girls, teens and young women who have been abused, neglected or homeless. A portion of all proceeds will go to support our Charity Partners:








Join us at the CROSSROADS!

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