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Vocal Rx


->Stop Losing Your Voice Now!

->Relieve hoarseness and raspiness fast!

->Get The 5 Keys to Get Your Voice Healthy Immediately!

If you have a speech, performance, or conference and feel like your voice is going, don’t wait til your voice is gone! Learn the healthy, natural and holistic way to get your voice back and keep it healthy!


(Value: $47) $7

***Bonus: Free Vocal Health Kit***

Step in to your power


♥ Release your fears once and for all of your voice not being good enough!

♥ Find out the top 10 Lies we tell ourselves and how to overcome them – for good!

♥ Tap into the secret power of your voice (that no one is telling you, leads to $$$ and can change your life forever!

Over 3 hours of step by step audio and video trainings that have changed the lives of thousands of people! You can be one of them for only $97 $27!

***Bonus: Free Vocal Health Kit***

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The Empowered Voice-01The Empowered VoiceOrgena delivers powerful step by step instruction so you can learn exactly how to speak professionally with confidence, authenticity and power!Online access to the audio and video training so you can practice at your own convenience, right in the comfort of your home or office!
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Only $147 $47


Yes You Can Sing

America’s Sacred Voice Expert, Orgena Rose shares powerful tools and exercises to learn how to warm up, strengthen your voice, and sing confidently through step by step instruction in only 10 minutes a day for the beginner to advanced levels!

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ONLY $147 $47


Only $997 $497

        Sacred Singer                  Recording Star         With over 20 years of singing, songwriting, performance and recording experience, Orgena will teach you the 7 steps to creating, writing and recording your own music!Learn MoreOnly $497 $97


(in a professional LA Studio with Grammy Nominated engineers!)
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Sacred Abundance

Each of us is born with a sacred financial destiny we are meant to fulfill. Now — you’ll finally be able to losing money, get off the rollercoaster, and align YOUR spiritual and financial success to create powerful results for yourself in your life and business…

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Only $497 $97


Voice and Visibility

Join this circle of artists, creatives and healers who are ready to Shine their Light!

  • Ready to finally be HEARD and SEEN
  • Done playing small and being the best kept secret and want to increase your voice, visibilty, and income?
  • Know that NOW is your time step up on stage and into the spotlight to fulfill your call and live your dream?

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    ONLY $497 $97

    WITH 4 WEEK MASTERMIND –$497 $297

On Camera Jumpstart and Expert Interview Series

This is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to finally be SEEN and HEARD!
  • Ready to step Into the Spotlight, uplevel your visibility!
  • Want to use VIDEO, interviews and TV to double or triple your income and have your business explode!




This is for you if you’re:Ready to GO GLOBAL with your brand!Ready to Shine Your Light in your own Web TV Show!

Ready to double, triple or 10X your income

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Only $497

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Media Training

This is for you if you’re:Ready to GO GLOBAL with your brand!

Ready to double, triple or 10X your income

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Only $497

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Have your Show Pilot and Sizzle Reel Created!

Do you have a great idea for a TV Show but don’t know how to make it happen? With SHINE TV PLATINUM your dream becomes a reality!

Have your own Network TV Show produced and Done For You!

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Only $497

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 Everything you need to take your idea from concept to the TV screen or even the big screen is all DONE FOR YOU in this powerful and ‘ife changing program!

SHINE Celebrity VIP DAY!

  • Are you ready to completely catapult your life and business…FAST?
  • Want to step into the spotlight and finally be seen as the expert and STAR that you are?
  • Ready to leverage the media to drive traffic, grow your list, and be known as THE Go-To ExpertIsn’t it time to have more fun in your business and work smarter, not harder and 10x your income?                                                                              Learn More                     Only $497
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Music To Rock Your Biz!    Would you like the secret to having your event and business stand out from the crowd!Want to have your events full and say SOLD OUT?Ready to have more people say yes to your product or service?Get ready to double or triple your income, have people dancing in the isles and talking about your event and   business for months and years after with your own Custom Signature Song!Learn MoreOnly $497
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 A Day of Private 1 on 1 Coaching with Orgena


With Orgena’s 20+ years experience as a successful Creative Entrepreneur, you will learn the step by step system she’s used to make 6 Figures and beyond!

Only $497
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*Acceptance into these programs are by application only which can be filled out here.  The Application Deposit will count towards your program fee if accepted.
If the application is not accepted for any reason, the deposit will be refunded.
All applications received during this special promo will receive 50% off the original price.
All programs, products and services are covered by our …unnamed

And if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply show us your completed work, return any  program materials and receive your refund.

We know these programs work and stand by them. We’ll deliver on our side and simply ask you to do the same.


Our goal is to donate $10,000!

Yes, you read that right… this year the Orgena Rose Show’s goal is to DONATE $10,000 to the fight against child abuse.

We are donating 10% of every sale of any item on this page to charity! This charity is focused on working to combat child abuse in incredibly important ways.

Let me introduce you now to…

childhelp logo


Scope of the Child Abuse Issue

Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect. It’s a widespread war against our children that we have the power to stop, and understanding the issue is the first step. Just how bad is the issue of child abuse in the United States?

Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United Statesinvolving more than 6 million children (a report can include multiple children).

The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations – losing on average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect.

 With your help we can change this.
 *DISCLAIMER: Childhelp is an IRS-recognized nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations. All donations will be made by Orgena Rose Show and individuals purchasing sale items are not eligible for a tax deductible credit of any kind from Orgena Rose Show or Childhelp.


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