Each of us is born with a sacred financial destiny we are meant to fulfill. Now — for the FIRST time ever — you’ll be able to align YOUR spiritual and financial success and create more money, abundance and wealth in your life…


  • Are you a heart centered, spiritual entrepreneur or creative who’s ready to be spiritually AND financially abundant?

  • Do you earn well but always seem to run out of money or can’t seem to get off the up and down rollercoaster?

  • Ready to attract the income you desire, while using your gifts and talents to make the world better?

You’ve come to the right place!


Whatever your Money Story

Divine Abundance Will Help You Transform It Once and For All!

If you’re not yet attracting all the abundance of income you want, feel like you’re on a money rollercoaster,  undercharging, or maybe working too many hours, well I want you to know that you’re not alone. It’s not your fault, and it’s not that you’re not living your purpose or need to get a job, you just need to clear your blocks around money and discover your Sacred Financial Destiny.

You see we all have stories and beliefs that create our reality and these stories and beliefs are largely unconscious and are sabotaging our efforts. Now is the time to raise your wealth consciousness, release the old stories and clear the blocks to the divine abundance that’s already yours and waiting for you!

In this powerful and transformational workshop I’m going to introduce you to the Sacred Money Archetypes, so you can transform your inner conflict and unconscious blocks, align your financial and spiritual worlds and finally be able to bring your dreams into reality.

Meet The Sacred Money Archetypes

Knowing your sacred archetypes will change everything, for they are your guide to a spirit rich, empowered life – a life where you can live your call, and step into your sacred financial destiny.

You see when you transform your relationship with money, who you are changes for the good, allowing you to live more of your purpose and passion and to serve more people.

Here’s my personal experience…when I started to embrace my relationship with money (I wasn’t even aware I was having one and it wasn’t a good one) and really stepped into my own financial destiny, I realized that I could stand in my power and truly create an abundant life. Really. Now I get to do what I love and work only with amazing divine messengers who are ready to take action, step into their power and create the transformation they’be been called to. I get to spend time as I choose and have plenty of time for family and friends and traveling the world.  I am living my call and following my bliss!

Money is simply currency or energy, but it takes on the meaning we give to it. So let me ask you, how do you feel about money? What is your dominant feeling when you think of money? Do you expand in joy or contract with fear? How do these feelings affect your life?

Here’s a big tip…How you do money is how you do everything.

 If you’re living with fear or contraction around money, you’re limiting yourself, you’re creating stress and dis-ease in all areas of your life, including your relationship with yourself, your partner, your work, your clients.

It’s all connected.

If you’ve been in my world for any length of time, you know that I’m all about love, spirit, empowerment and transformation and I’d love to help empower you to step into the divine abundance that’s already yours and waiting for you.

So here’s my special opportunity and invitation to join me in…

You will:


“Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype”

  • Discover YOUR Sacred Money Archetype and Divine Money Voice, unlocking what blocks your abundance when it comes to money.
  • Solve the riddle as to HOW you’re going to move beyond (far beyond) your current money story and into true financial empowerment.
  • Learn how to apply the power of your Sacred Money Contract (Yes, you have one… EVERYONE does!) to your life and business, so you can transform your ideas into financial success in big, meaningful and exciting ways.
BONUS#1: Sacred Money Archetype Quiz – Find out your top 3 Archetypes! Each one is full of powerful details to move you forward in experience of true Divine Abundance.
BONUS#2: Free Divine Abundance Reading!

                   Don’t miss this powerful, life changing opportunity!

Within one day of completing this program, I booked a client for $40,000 paid in full in one day! To say this changed my life is an understatement! I promise it’s worth the 10 minutes!!

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Learn What Others Are Saying About Discovering Their Sacred Money Archetypes

Since being introduced to the Sacred Money Archetypes and working to align my sacred money contract, I have broken through the fear of investing money in myself and in my business I have also had my first ever $18,000 month. Not only has my business gained momentum, my family is indulging in life for the first time.  Becky Jones  BeckyJBenes.com





Rozlyn WarrenSince discovering my Sacred Money Archetypes and working with my brilliant coach, I have stepped into truly honoring who I am at my core. This shift has shaken loose years of doubt and self-sabotage and freed me to shine my unique light brightly! I have held more Strategy Sessions in the last 2 weeks than I have total in my whole career! And have added 2 new clients into my Platinum program. The last client paid up front – in full! I am LOVING this shift in my financial identity!!

Rozlyn Warren

Meriflor ToneattoThe Sacred Money Archetypes has profoundly changed my relationship with money and positively impacted my life in amazing ways, including building a highly fulfilling and profitable business. Integrating the Sacred Money Archetypes in my work enables me to empower other amazing women entrepreneurs to share their gifts and brilliance with the world while also generating fabulous income!

Meriflor Toneatto

In the first 2 weeks I was bringing in new income every day for 5 days in a row! I’ve now made more money than I ever have! Thank you so much!! Such major shifts so quickly!



About Orgena Rose

Orgena Rose is a producer, TV Host, composer and international star of stage and screen. In other words, she’s a Shine Your Light Expert! She is founder of the Divine Spirit Network, CEO of Sacred Rose Productions and creator of The Orgena Rose Show which shines a light on those who are letting their light shine. She specializes in helping spiritual women entrepreneurs, visionaries and creatives  to heal, empower and transform their voice and message so they can share it out into the world in a bigger way and shine their brightest light! She has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall, and toured internationally and appeared on OPRAH, Today Show, Rosie O’Donnell Show, PBS and  Conan in Tyler Perry’s Row 11. She has appeared in numerous commercials and movies where her original music is featured, has sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Audra McDonald, and shared the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson and other great luminaries.

“Now is your time to shine.”