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Finally, there’s a high-quality affordable solution for Independent authors! The audio book segment is one the fastest growing segments in book publishing. However, it usually cost thousands to have an audio book professionally recorded and edited to be sold commercially. ($3,000-$4,000) Now, there’s a better way!

1-Hour Divine Audiobook Brings Your Book to Life at an Affordable Price!

Now you can have a highly professional audio book for an affordable price. You have full content control when using our streamlining process for non-fiction, fiction short stories, children’s or poetry books of approximately 11,000 words or 1 hour of audio. Your audio book will be published as a single CD product and distributed as an MP3 download in the iTunes Store, Audible.com and many others.

The Benefits for you:

  • Provides an inexpensive and effective way for your book to be marketed and sold in audio format.
  • Provides listeners with a streamlined version of your book where the most important nuggets of information are presented.
  • Provides a way to increase the sales of all formats of your book.
  • Provides a way to earn royalties while creating buzz and exposure for all your books.

Your book will be recorded by a professional male or female reader of your choice. We have a cadre of seasoned, professional voice over artists of all ages and types to bring your story, teaching or message to life.

The audio will be edited to remove clicks, pops, mouth noise, stops and starts; pacing and timing will be adjusted with clean room sound inserted between all edit points. The final product will have music at the beginning and end of the program, as well as spoken credits to talk about your website and your other books available.

Books can be up to 11,000 words and in any genre: Fiction, Short Stories, Non Fiction, Poetry, and Children’s. If your book is longer than 11,000 words, you can abridge your book yourself using our helpful guidelines or we can also provide the service of abridgment where you have final say in the audio script or do the full book for an additional fee.

You’ll be provided with a 3-5 minute sample of your audiobook for your website. This is to give people a sample to want more! Once your Audiobook is done, we can help make it available for sale at Amazon.com and  downloadable at Audible.com as well as the world’s largest retailer of digital content: The iTunes Store through our Audiobook Online Placement.

Now is the time for your book to reach a whole new audience! 


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We’re excited to help get your voice and message out into the world in a bigger way!