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      Sharing Love and Light to Millions


We have observed your work, visited your website and reviewed your wonderful message. We’re very impressed with you! We see you are a truly heart-centered, conscious, spirit based messenger who appears to be aligned with our mission to heal, uplift, and empower women and families around the world on the Divine Spirit Network!TM

We are honored to offer you the opportunity to be an eTV Host on the Divine Spirit Network, and share your voice, message and mission with millions worldwide.
The Divine Spirit Network is the only all women, spiritually diverse, multi-cultural network in the world that now, with the advance of technology, has the ability to access viewers of mainstream TV.

“Shine Your Light!”


We think you would be an outstanding eTV Show Host, presenting your own online television show on our global network. There are numerous ways you can receive blessings through your own show with the Divine Messengers.
*Your product, program or service is spotlighted
*Your cause can receive donations
*You can receive new customers/clients
*You will attract a global audience
*Share your message with millions
You have been hand selected by Orgena Rose!
We are inviting only real, authentic, conscious and gifted lights to be Show Hosts. We are selecting 12 Show Hosts on each of our 6 mind, body, and soul topics: Wellness, Empowerment, Abundance, Love, Truth, Happiness (W.E.A.L.T.H)
Here’s How It Works:

The Divine Messengers


We will meet in 2 beautiful, exotic, and sacred healing locations to do the shoots for your show. There will be 8 opportunities throughout the year to choose from:

                                                 Bali                                  Egypt

                                                 Kauai                              Kenya

                                                 Los Angeles                  Barbados

                                                 Sedona                           New York     


The Divine Messengers Red Carpet Treatment


*Your Show will be professionally shot and produced by our team.
*You will be interviewed on the Orgena Rose Show in the Divine Voice Series
*You will participate in a red carpet event celebrating your episodes and the season.
*You will receive hair and make up done by our professional team member.
*You will receive a professional photos
*You will have your own channel on the network
*You will have access to original empowering music to use as your theme song or the option of an original custom theme song
*You will learn how to record professional looking videos with confidence (without a fancy camera, team, or taking hours to do them)
*You will be trained how to powerfully interview and spotlight others
*You will receive Image consulting
*You will have your own Divine Online Partner – opportunity to receive passive income
*Your cause, products and services will be supported through our Divine Spirit Store
*You will have the option for Sponsorship for your show – (Commercials, Custom music, sing and emcee event)
*Private one on one Award Winning Transformation Conversations training
*Private one on one Divine Abundance Reading


You will be completely empowered to be the Divine Messenger you came here to be.

Here is my first Divine Voice Message:

…and we will do the same for you!


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I look forward to working together to share more love and light in this world!