No matter what language you choose, it translates the same way around the world — of, relating to or proceeding directly from God. The founder and team of the Divine Spirit Network were divinely assembled together and have a unified vision to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world by offering inspiring, empowering and life-changing programming for TV, Radio and Film.

The Divine Spirit Network is a mission. A movement. A purpose-driven collection of individuals who truly desire to be the change and make the world a better place.

The Divine Spirit Network will touch you. The Divine Spirit Network will uplift you. The Divine Spirit Network will teach you, motivate and challenge you to reach heights within yourself you never thought possible.

Our community will embrace you. Our retreats will transform you. Our events will empower you.

We are not black nor white. We are not democrat nor republican. We are not rich nor poor.

We are one. We are Divine.


Our Vision

The Divine Spirit Network is a global network that broadcasts inspiring, empowering, and transformational TV, Video and Film using cutting-edge technology, all while remaining committed to providing high quality programming to all of our viewers that shares unconditional love and light though music and message. It broadcasts spiritually uplifting and soul stirring talks, interviews, events, the arts, concerts and other programming so viewers have the opportunity to experience Divine Healing, Peace, Hope and Love. 

Our Mission

To provide a platform for transformational TV, radio and arts programming. To inspire & empower people to take action, fulfill their dreams and live their highest life. To consider the needs and benefits for our audience and partners for the highest good of all around the globe. 

Our Team

Orgena Rose is founder of the Divine Spirit Network, and has combined her over 25 years in the arts and her spiritual journey which both began at the age of 7 to create a transformational experience that reaches people around the world 24-7. Highlights include performing on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, touring internationally as well as appearing on OPRAH, the Today Show, Rosie O’Donnell Show, Conan and PBS. She has also appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies where her original music is featured, has sung with artists such as Patti LabelleLea Michele and Audra McDonald, and shared the stage the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith and other great luminaries.

She has shared her original music and message at churches, spiritual centers, MCC conferences, charities and in concert since 1999 and has been recorded in numerous CDs including Broadway shows, Ella Fitzgerald tributes, Balm Ministries and 3 of her own original music which has also been featured in movies and TV.

Orgena has been sharing her expertise and coaching others to “find their voice” and empower themselves so they can shine their brightest light since 1993. She was one of the pioneers of online broadcasting as the Entertainment Producer for AV Daily News in 1999. She founded Sacred Rose Productions in 2006 where she not only writes and produces original music, but produces video, TV and Film as well. To give back she founded the Global Artists Academy, which provides courses, workshops, and programs to those less fortunate in her mission to inspire, empower and transform through the arts.



Veronica “VEE” Phillips

Business Manager



Colleen O’Donnell Pierce

Marketing and PR















Sharing Love and Light to Millions

As a Divine Messenger…

We Share Your Gifts and Talents With The World!

We help share your message on our network and across Social Media to give you greater visibility and increase your ability to connect with others searching for YOU.

  • You will attract a global audience

  • Share your message with millions

  • Marketing and Promotion done for you on our network, social media and website

  • We Create Your Personal Listing in the Community Directory

  • We Promote Your Business on the network and across Social Media

  • We Create Your Page and Channel for your Video and TV Content

  • We Promote Your Business, Products and Services Throughout the Community

  • Promotion of your products in our Divine Spirit Store

  • Provide Links to Your Website and Events

  • Boost Your Visibility for People Searching for your Gifts and Talents

  • Opportunity to make additional income sharing products and services

  • We Provide Events and Retreats for the Community To Attend

We’ve Removed the Frustration of Marketing and Technology from Your Todos…

So you can focus on your gifts and talents!

Imagine having your own show team that promotes YOUR message and mission day after day, week after week, Month after Month.

Here are your options:


Basic Listing

  • Annual Membership
  • Your Page Listing
  • Logo & Picture
  • 250 Character Description
  • Link to Website
  • Social Links
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • 1 Video on the Network
  • Free Ticket to GET YOUR DIVINE ON Event
  • Monthly Divine Messengers Call




Premium Listing

    • Annual Membership
    • Your Page Listing
    • Logo & Picture
    • 250 Character Description
    • Link to Website
    • Social Links
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • 10 Branded Social Post Graphics per Mo
    • Promotion On Products, Programs & Events
    • Landing Page Created for Your Business
    • Monthly Q&A Call
    • Monthly Online Interviews and Show shared on FB and Network
    • Free Empowering Music Club Member
    • Your Commercial Included in shows
    • Your Own Channel On The Network
    • Free Ticket for 2 to GYDO

We’ve made it easy as 1, 2, 3 to begin your journey and join our network!

  1. Complete Your Application 

  2. Choose Your Divine Messenger level

  3. Schedule your Divine Call to ask and get answers to any questions you may have


  1. Please complete the following application to get started!

    You must fill this form out on a desktop or laptop.


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2. Next, Choose Your Option!



Contributor: This messenger is one who is ready to begin to shine their light and would like to include their message on the Divine Spirit Network. You will receive the items listed above and provide the video assets we need i.e. your TV show appearance, interview, Podcast, Speech, Pilot, Commercial or Documentary. (Pending approval for quality assurance. If you do not have one, please ask us about our special production options for Divine Messengers.)



Channel Host:  In addition to the other items listed, this level includes up to 6 videos provided by you to include on the Divine Spirit Network. (Pending approval for quality assurance)


Channel Host:  This level includes up to 12 videos provided by you and a commercial we produce for you to include on the Divine Spirit Network. (Pending approval for quality assurance)

  • Monthly Online Interviews and Show shared on FB and Network
  • Your Own Channel On The Network
  • Your Own Show Produced By Our Team


Channel Host AND Your Own Show Produced:  This level includes up to 12 videos and a commercial that we produce for you to include on the Divine Spirit Network. (Pending approval for quality assurance)

  • Monthly Online Interviews and Show shared on FB and Network
  • Your Own Channel On The Network
  • Your Own Show Produced By Our Team


If you pay in full for any of the Divine Messenger Options, you’ll receive:


– A 10% savings off the total monthly investment You will save up to $1800 when you pay in full depending on your package!

(Not Including Deposit)


A Personal, 1-on-1 Breakthrough Session Work with a carefully hand-selected, highly successful member of my Divine Team to help you sky-rocket your success. During your session you will…

  • Create a crystal clear vision of your ultimate call and the life you want for you & your family
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you and stopping you from having full success
  • Get renewed, re-energized & leave the session feeling totally supported & inspired to change the world with your amazing gifts and talents.

Value: $500

PAY IN FULL BONUS#2: VIP Seating At The Divine Event

When you come to the Divine Event in October, you’ll get Divine treatment, with reserved seating close to the front of the room, where all the action happens.

Value: $500

PAY IN FULL BONUS#3: Exclusive Divine Messenger VIP LUNCH 

You get to come & hang out with me, my team, close friends and some of my highest Divine Messengers.

Plus, you’ll get to connect with my peers & partners who will be at the Lunch too – many of whom are loving and powerful lights on this planet.

Value: $500

TOTAL VIP Package value for the “Full Pay Option”: $1500

Upon approval you will receive your formal Welcome to the Divine Spirit Network community with further details and next steps to get started!

We look forward to helping you SHINE YOUR LIGHT!


***If you’d like to discuss other options, call us at 323-238-4653 or contact us at info@divinespiritnetwork.com. We will be happy to discuss our original TV shows in production, commercials, music videos, sponsorship and other options that might be a fit for you.


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We value your privacy and will never share your information.

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