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I can’t wait for you to experience how your life can change in just minutes per day by simply listening to music…but not just any music,

DIVINE Empowering Music. Enjoy!

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Below are your Free recordings.

The first recording is perfect for energizing you and giving you more focus, confidence and empowerment!

The second track is designed to inspire peace, focus and relaxation.

All music is infused with love and high vibrations.

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Click below to listen to “Step Into Your Power”                                                                                              ORGENA ROSE





(Right click to download)


Feel the difference immediately!




Click here to listen to “Rest In My Love” Meditation

Simply put on your headphones and click on the play buttons above to listen to these tracks. You can also right click on either of them to download them.

While listening simply enjoy and do as normal as they are safe and do not interfere with normal activities. By listening you will be able to enter the highest brainwave states. Why?

Your mental states (such as happiness, depression, anger, relaxation, sleep, etc.) can be measured by patterns or frequencies (known as brainwaves) created by your brain.

By simply listening to special sounds recorded at a specific frequency, you can immerse your mind in a state of peace, focus, creativity, relaxation, or deep meditation!

You just relax and listen.

It takes about 7 minutes for your brain to ‘tune in’ to the desired state. Every minute thereafter takes you deeper into greater feelings of pleasure, relaxation, even bliss.

It is recommended that you listen to our 20 minute recordings in the full Empowering Music Collection to create the best results and receive the maximum benefits. You have also been given a Special Offer for 80% off! Join Orgena’s DIVINE Empowering Music Club!


This love infused music was created to help you tap into the natural healing frequency of love and miracles. Just listen to begin automatically experiencing more abundance, prosperity and opportunities than ever before.

When listening, people are known to experience bursts of inspiration, intuitive realizations, promptings, and communication with divine energy.
Some of the long term benefits of listening to this love infused music:

lotus rose 2Deeper connection to your emotions

lotus rose 2Increased intuition

lotus rose 2Greater levels of energy and relaxation

lotus rose 2Enhanced self-awareness

lotus rose 2 A greater ability to enter into a highly focused and effortless learning state.


As the vibrations infuse your mind and body, you may begin to effortlessly:

imagesExperience an abundant money mindset => Attract more money, success & opportunities

images Experience more love for yourself & others => Open your mind to discover your life purpose

imagesExperience higher self-esteem => Release fears and lack of self confidence

imagesEnjoy spiritual breakthroughs => Improve visualization skills

imagesLet go of the past => Stop living with uncertainty

images Release your anxieties => Move past fears of failure

images Stop self-sabotage => Become more creative

imagesReach your genius potential and more…


Orgena Rose’s DIVINE Empowering Music Collection


And so much more…

This full collection of over 30 CD quality tracks is valued at $597 but we wanted to make it a “no brainer”  for you. (pun intended. 🙂

You can get immediate access today to the starter Empowering Music Club, 10 powerful tracks with new ones added monthly, for only $97 $19! $7/mo 

If you like them, do nothing. We’ll send you the next Empowering Music tracks each month or for as long as you’d like to continue – you can cancel any time. No risk, no obligation, no commitment.

Become a Member Today!

Only $7/month


You will also be able to make special requests for custom music and videos and receive rewards! 

1. Don’t forget to like Orgena on Facebook

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3. And add orgena@orgenarose.com to your safelist so you don’t miss the announcements of new music!

Enjoy and let us know how Orgena’s music inspires and empowers you!


“When you opened Vanessa Shaw’s, Big Bold Event, you sang the song “Be Bold, Play Bigger. I had no idea how that song would impact me later… it has had a profound effect. Like the jingles you hear on the TV and radio commercials, those words whisper in my ears at times when I need strength. Obviously others at the conference felt that way as well, because one of the gentlemen asked the group – ‘does anyone else keep hearing Orgena’s voice saying/singing Be Bold, Play Bigger?’ Several others including me gave a resounding “YES”. Thank God that you gave us all the gift of that song to help us on our journey. Now, whenever, I feel fear and uncertainty, I go back and play that song. You also sang the song Step into Your Power …for the group. Your writing is awesome –they are the very words that many of us need so desperately to hear. And rather than providing a speech, you speak to us in the form of music… music to the Soul.” – Rhonda Culver
“Orgena, I am so taken with your music! I have been listening to the CD you gave me, turning it up and singing along in the car. It keeps me positive and pumped!! I know that it would help my community in a very important way.” – Ginny McNinn – Empowering Music Club Member
“Orgena I absolutely love your music! I already have your CD I bought 10 copies for my clients to inspire them too!” – Diana Gogan
“Woo Hoo. Today I completed my second run for 25 minutes. Who would have thought that was possible. In 7 weeks I’ve gone from only being able to run for a few minutes to this. Amazing. Thanks to Orgena Rose for your inspiring tunes that kept me going…they are really motivational!” -Julie Felton –
“Coffee + Orgena Rose music for inspiration + everything I know… = one amazing month…woo!”  – Michelle Shaeffer
I’m always listening and dancing to your song, Step Into Your Power! It’s very empowering… We want to use it for our new radio show! – Rhonda Liebig/Maria Appelqvist – Empowering Music Club Member
You’re music is amazing! Thank you so much for singing at my event! My husband absolutely loved your music…that’s why he bought all those copies of your CD! I definitely have to have you sing at my next event in the spring!” – Debbie Allen
You have such an amazing voice! I have to share you to other powerful women who need to hear you and have you sing at their events! – Sabine Messner
I can’t believe you wrote that song so fast and sang it so beautifully here today! Absolutely amazing! – Richard Maraj, Unity of Phoenix
Your music is so incredibly powerful and so perfectly fits the message! Thank you for moving us so deeply. – Michele Whittington
Orgena’s voice moves my soul – Richard Rogers

I can’t believe it! This is amazing! In only 1 week I’ve started working out, lost weight, and received an $18,000 raise! Thank you!!! ~Aaliyah DeFlorias

OMG! It’s only been a week and the 3 things I asked for: A new job withing walking distance, doing what I love, and making more money. I’m now making $13,000 more than what I was before! ~ Dee Dalrymple

I am celebrating a financial windfall! With it I got my brand new 2017 car! It just keeps coming! I am so blessed!! ~L.T. Turner, Jr.

Discover why thousands are flocking to what experts are calling
“the most advanced self-healing method known to human kind”

You will possess a powerful self-development tool that’s:

checkbox-red2Harmless and immensely beneficial

checkbox-red2Scientifically proven to work the first time

checkbox-red2Fast and starts working in minutes

checkbox-red2Effective and gives you the power to enter meditative brain states easily

Just by pressing PLAY on your audio device and listening to the sounds that immediately begins to nourish your brain and nervous system, and when played over open speakers, the science of cymatics goes to work, where your entire body absorbs the vibrations of the sound waves creating exciting positive changes in your life …

Your stress, problems, worries, fears, negative thought patterns and bad habits (even addictive behaviors) start to dissipate. Much like the warm rising sun dissolves a lingering fog.

Automatically, you become more resistant to stress. What used to get under your skin now rolls off your back.

As a result, your mind is less occupied with mental anguish. Mind chatter and emotional pain disintegrate. And your capacity for clear, focused, positive thought patterns skyrockets.

You become measurably smarter!

Why? Because new neural pathways form across both hemispheres of your brain.

You progress beyond the typical right-or-left-brain thinking of the masses. Instead of just using the 5-10% of your brain, you’re using your whole brain.

It’s been long-believed that the brains of geniuses like Einstein and Mozart were structured this way, giving them profound creativity and insight.

Now it’s your turn.

Align your brain chemistry and raise your vibration as you immerse yourself brain in a ‘bath’ of the precise frequency proven to stimulate healing, love and miracles!


And you’re covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee…

If you don’t absolutely love the benefits you experience, just let us know within the first 30 days. We’ll happily cancel your membership, and you’ll owe nothing, and you can keep everything just for giving Empowering Miracle Music a try.

Become a Member Today!


P.S. This offer is part of a special and won’t last forever. So take advantage of this special no-risk offer right now while you still can.


Love and Miracles,

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orgenarose1Orgena Rose is a dynamic and inspirational singer, songwriter, producer, motivational speaker and award winning voice expert. A powerful and transformational energy, Orgena has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, the Tony Awards, PBS, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and Conan in Tyler Perry’s Row 11. She has appeared in numerous commercials, industrials and movies where her original music is featured. She has toured internationally and sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Lea Michele of GLEE. She is the Creator of Sacred Rose Productions where she writes, records not only her own music, but also produces and other’s original music, video and TV, including The Orgena Rose Show which shines a light on those who let their light shine. As founder of the Global Artists Academy which offers courses, workshops and programs, Orgena continues her mission to heal, empower and transform through the music.


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