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Web videos are all the rage nowadays. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

There’s a lot of hype around videos and how you can make your own video so easily, upload it to Youtube, and go viral.

The reality is that most do it yourself videos fall flat and are never watched by anyone.

Yes, picking up a camera and making a video has never been easier and more affordable than ever before. However, remember a paper and pencil give you the right tools to be a writer, but a good writer does it make you – not.

I’ve professionally produced music and video for over 10 years and while I run a professional production company.

, my purpose is to teach you how to do it yourself, and for free.

I realize that not every small business can afford to have a professionally produced video and that if part of your marketing strategy involves having videos regularly videos posted online, a DIY video approach may be the most effective approach for your business.

For all you DIY video makers out there, I’ve put together a how to make a video… well… video.


I was originally going to produce a single video, talking about how to make a video yourself, the potential pitfalls of doing so, and how to choose a professional videographer or video production company. I realized I couldn’t fit it all in a short video, so I’m planning on doing four videos:

  1. Tips on how to script, setup, shoot, and edit your video
  2. Video equipment and tools on a budget
  3. Uploading and distributing your videos online
  4. How to choose a professional videographer or video production company

Who is this for?

This is perfect for you if:

  1. You have an area of specialty and you already help people. You may already be paid well to do this or you may be building your business and you need to attract customers.
  2. You are a speaker, entrepeneur, consultant, author, coach, or service provider
  3. You want to get more speaking gigs and be invited to be an expert guest on tele-summits, podcasts and national TV.
  4. You have a service or product to provide and need a way for prospects to understand how you can help them.

What is the best way to use the video?

You can use your recording in numerous ways:

1. Use it as a free give away to build your mailing list (they enter their email to get access).  In this case, we structure the interview so it builds credibility and seeds in the mind of the audience the products and services you offer. We give a call to action to either contact you, apply for a discovery session or to go to a specific sales page.

2. You can sell the interview. This could be as a digital download or burnt to CD or USB drive and the transcript can also be printed and bound to add value. In this case we would structure the interview to be teaching focused but still interweave subtle seeding of your other products and services.

3. Use it as audio for a media reel or commercial for a product. You can combine a visual component with the mp3 and have a powerful reel or commercial to truly position you or your product.

If you’d like help creating an online downloadable program with my help we can discuss other options. We have helped clients create an info product which they have been able to sell and make passive income for years.

Next Steps

Let’s get started! Simply choose your option below and my team will put everything into action!

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We are excited to help you get your voice and message out to the world in a much bigger way! Please register by choosing your payment option below. You will receive a confirmation email with your Expert Video Promo details so you can immediately get started!



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