Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What happens on the casting call?

Answer: This Casting Call is where it is determined if your message and mission are a fit for the show.You’ll find out the format of the show, the different options for participation and be able to ask questions to see which is a fit for you. If at the end of the call it is determined to be a fit for both, you’ll be given information on next steps and scheduled for an interview on the show.


Question 1: Are guests required to promote a product or service?

Answer: No, not a requirement, but a suggestion which Helps our Guest with visibility.


Question 2: Can I be a guest on the show, and not promote anything? 

Answer: YES, You Can! We have programs and courses designed that can help you with this. Just Let us know when you fill out the Guest Form what your needs are.


Question 3: If I have to sell something to be a guest on the show, is a book enough?

Answer: Yes, Books are great for this!


Question 4: If the book is enough, what is the percentage Orgena would like so I can set up the affiliate link?

Answer: This would be a 50% split, as stated in the email regarding the Show’s criteria that you received.


Question 5: If I sell the book – instead of having that be the free gift for the show – can I use the same opt-in gift from my main website as the gift for the show?

Answer: Yes, of course, whichever you prefer.


Question 6: If selected to be a guest, where is the taping and when might that be? 

Answer: We have Interviews set up in Los Angeles, CA and Phx, AZ & Via Skype at either locations. Just let us know which location works best for you & If Skype is needed.


Question 7: Should I assume that I am responsible for my own travel, lodging and meals?

Answer: Yes, travel, lodging & meals is taken care of by the Guests themselves.


Question 8: Am I understanding correctly, that I need to try to get 50 people from my list to travel to wherever the show is being taped?

Answer: No, that is not a requirement at this time.

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