Global Artists Academy Open Mic


We have a wonderful opportunity to discuss with you! It’s an opportunity to host a Global Artists Academy Open Mic Night! Let’s take one of the slowest nights and turn it into fun! Take a look at the details below and speak with our representative to find out more! We know it will truly be a win/win for all involved!


To create a successful and professionally run open mic night at local establishments  to attract and inspire new clientele as well as sustain current clientele, as part of our community relations endeavor.

Objectives and Benefits

  • Capitalize on excellent opportunity
to create additional and immediate visibility for your brand
  • Increased attendance of up to 35+ patrons including personnel and performers; this number can increase by 10% each open mic performance
  • Create a monthly performance venue aids in establishing community partnerships by and between community organizations and Global Artists Alliance and Academy which has been serving communities since 2011.
  • Increase traffic from 18-24 and 28-32 age demographic with intent on creating repeat customers for your brand
  • Webpage/social media presence
  • Fun!:-)

About Global Artists Alliance and Academy

  • Educating artist around the world since 2011 and training voices since 1993.
  • Proven marketing strategies utilizing social media, direct marketing, and community engagement
  • A cultivated following from years of teaching and educating the communities
  • An established network of community partners to include local nonprofits and businesses
  • An established network of performers and artists
  • Professional management of event, event related resources, and personnel

How it works:

  • We’ll spread the word to our network
  • You spread the word to your people
  • We charge a nominal entree fee of $5
  • You make money off the bar and food (and keep it)

That’s it! Simple and easy. That’s how we like to do things! We’ll offer fun prizes and announce contests to keep it interesting for everyone!

Partner with us for a true win/win for all involved!

Our local representative will be contact you to work out further details and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you!






Orgena Rose
Global Artists Alliance and Academy