Get Your Divine ON

Join Me For The
Get Your Divine ON!
Live ONLINE Event!
June 17, 2017

Join Me For This Full-Day Extravaganza Designed To Help You Shine Your Light, Be Seen Globally and Have Your Own TV Show!

Do you feel called to something more? Have you felt you were meant for something greater than you are currently manifesting? Do you have a message of healing or inspiration to share with the world – one that is in harmony with universal spiritual principles?

Then this is calling to step up!

Calling all Lightworkers, Healers, Artists and Creatives!

Created to empower divine messengers like you to take your spiritual message to the highest level, GET YOUR DIVINE ON! is an event that encourages and shows you how to step into your power and onto an international platform.

At GET YOUR DIVINE ON! you will discover…

~ How to overcome your fears of being heard and seen ~

~How to step into the power of your voice ~

~How to be comfortable and confident on camera~

~ How to get clear on your Soul’s Bullseye™ ~

~ How to share your message on a global scale ~

~How to create your own show, podcast, or video channel~

~ How to release your blocks to abundance and double or triple your income ~

Space is limited, so SAY YES to your call and register now! The first 25 people to register will receive some incredible Bonuses!

This is your calling. Your time is now.

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You’ll receive the link and call in info via email.
We look forward to “seeing’ you there!

This event was created to enable divine messengers like you to take your spiritual message to the highest level. Step up onto a global platform where your voice can ring out, your heart sing and others can tune in!

After over 20 years empowering voices, I’ve noticed so many women have been disempowered around their voice and being heard and seen. I’ve seen so many healers, light-workers and spiritual entrepreneurs doing amazing work in the world but are relatively unknown.

Is that you? Are you a divine messenger who is the best kept secret?

Are you transforming lives but know that you could be reaching so many more people?

Are you letting your light shine but know you were called to shine in a much bigger way?

It’s really unfortunate (and I use that word intentionally) because unless you are sharing your voice, your gifts and your talents and reaching more people, you’ll contract and miss out on so many blessings just waiting for you…and those who are meant to hear your voice and your message in a way that only you can share it, won’t hear it.

We’re each born with a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities which help us step into our Divine Call but for so many, they seem to be only scratching the surface, if at all.

It’s time to change that.

There are so many people waiting to hear your message!

The good news is once you have the opportunity to truly tap into your Soul’s Bullseye­™,

step into your power and shine your beautiful, radiant lightat the highest level, you’ll more fully embody your Divine energy, and the world receives your gifts and the blessing of you!

Here is your opportunity to do just that!

At Get Your Divine ON! 

Heed the call and turn up the volume!!

  • Get unstuck, rise up and step into your power!
  • Clear the blocks and overcome the fears of sharing your voice
  • Allow yourself to be seen and shine your light…radiantly!

So you can finally sing YOUR song and do your Abun-Dance!


AND Now is Your Time!


One Day, A Lifetime of Abundance

It’s Time To Blossom Into Your Fullest Unique Expression of The Divine!
To Get Your Divine On is one of the most simple things you can do right now to elevate the vibration of the planet, transform your own life and the lives of those around you.
Imagine what kind of world we would have if each person was creating the life they truly loved and living their highest call OUT LOUD for all the world to see?
It would be amazing right?… A global shift!
“You may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.” 😉
Come and join us!


When you step into your Divine Call, you become free to be who you are meant to be. You’re empowered to live your truth and access more abundance, wellness, happiness and love in your life…
Then we can truly have a #loverevolution!
( You’re NOT stuck behind a computer, hoping the latest tricks others tell you to do will work.)

At Get Your Divine On you will discover…

  • How to overcome your fears of being seen and heard (and shining too brightly)

  • How to release your blocks to abundance in your life (once and for all)

  • How to get clear on your Soul’s Bullseye™ (and step into your divine call)

  • How to step onto the Global Stage, share your story and get more exposure (increase your reach)
  • How to raise your vibration and frequency with your own voice
  • 5 powerful keys to double or triple your income and impact (in the next 90 days)

Because of the intimate nature of this event,  space will be extremely limited, so claim your ticket today.

PLUS when you register for Get Your Divine ON!, you’ll find out how to get these incredible Bonuses…

BONUS #1: SHINE YOUR LIGHT! Downloadable Training

 This is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to finally be SEEN and HEARD in a bigger way!
  • Done playing small and being the best kept secret!
  • Want to use VIDEO and TV to finally step up and have your business and income skyrocket!

You will learn:

  • How to be comfortable and confident on camera
  • How to know exactly what to say…authentically, every time
  • How to easily create your own show, podcast or video (and do 6 months in one day!)

You will know how to easily show up in alignment, aunthentically and allow your highest and best to shine through!


Recordings of “Get Your Divine On” Event

Amazing transformations are going to happen during our  3-day celebration and I want to help you continue the momentum after it’s over. That’s why I’m offering you the live event recordings, so you can access the divine miracles that happen over and over again.

Experiencing it again will be one of the single best ways to deepen you awarenesses, solidify your breakthroughs and help you release your biggest fears and/or doubts surrounding money, love, health, success, and abundance.

VALUE: $200



Each of us is born with a sacred financial destiny we are meant to fulfill. Now — for the FIRST time ever — you’ll be able to align your spiritual AND financial success and create more money, abundance and wealth in your life and mission…

This full training has helped recipients to received $40,000 in one day!

“For the 2nd week in a row I’ve been paid 5 times in one week! – Lynn from Arizona”

VALUE: $200


Get Your Divine ON Livestream Event (Value: $197)  ♥
SHINE YOUR LIGHT Training (Value: $297)  ♥
Get Your Divine On Recordings (Value: $197)  ♥
DIVINE ABUNDANCE Training (Value: $297)  ♥

The livestream event is on June 17, 2017. Space is extremely limited so register now!

I have to tell you, Orgena you have such a beautiful soul…such a beautiful soul! Please receive that because I tell you, everything you do just comes from the heart and is always of service to really want to bring people in to help them shine…whatever their message is. That’s so important to even have that platform where you share with entrepreneurs and you help them to get their message out. That’s really a beautiful part of your work. For me it’s helped me because I’ve been due for the book to came out in April and I’m steadily doing more Radio but this coming Tuesday I’m going to be doing a Television Show in Toronto!! It’s my first one and it reaches 3 and half million people!! Your program came in handy as I needed it. I’ve been able to use your tips and really feel good about it! So it was really a great investment and I really feel happy about that…it’s so great! ~ Meriflor Toneatto, Author

“You’re one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful you showed up in my life.

 The whole day was absolutely amazing…

I felt completely aligned and ON.

The energy was buzzing. I’ve never felt anything like that before

I’ll never forget it.” – Rev. Sandra Daly


Join Me ONLINE For
A Once In A Lifetime Celebration

You and I and the rest of the “Get Your Divine On” attendees will be spending a very powerful and transformational day together!

June 17, 2017

Don’t miss this event! There is somebody waiting right now who needs to hear your voice, your story.

 So, you have 2 options…

1. Keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same results (not enough people, income, or impact but… it’s familiar) or…
2. Take the First Step to Freedom – Do what you’re called to do, sharing your divine gifts and talents in a much bigger way (with much bigger income and impact)
 If what you’re doing now is working, great! Blessings to you!
BUT…if not,
come to
and find out the #1 thing you can do to take your talent and calling to the highest level!