Stephanie Trager

photo (8)As a BODY SOUL & BUSINESS Coach, Stephanie inspires and guides women to hear messages from their soul’s, to embody their next level of success and to step more powerfully into their unique gifts to leverage them as their greatest assets. Her intuitive coaching style pulls out her client’s unique assets in talent, life experience, skills, training and brilliance, in a way that propels them forward with confidence and purpose. Stephanie is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Licensed Attorney, Certified Mediator, Certified Coach and Intuitive.

With a background in human rights, immigration, and corporate law, -among many other things- Stephanie launched her first coaching business as an expression of her passion and skill in nutrition, fitness, natural healing modalities and overall health and wellness.

As a naturalist in the corporate world, she saw a need for women to come into balance and tap back into their intuition for the benefit of their body, soul and business. While maintaining her work as an attorney, her coaching business was showing her that the women coming to her with health issues were more often than not, unsatisfied on a soul level with their careers.

Over the next 5 years, Stephanie’s own health issues led her down a remarkable healing path which changed the course of her life. Naturally she emerged on a mission to work with women who are called to have a big impact in the world by living their message while enjoying a lifestyle that satisfies their dream. The realm of holistic business coaching found her as she continued to shine a light on people’s gifts, where they were leaving money on the table, and how they could tighten up their business, clear hindering energies, and up-level all aspects of their lives.

Stephanie is a caretaker in the mythic realm and holds space for people to experience deep personal growth while stepping into a more powerful version of themselves.

She is a lover of nature, a lover of dance, and a lover of the unknown. As a licensed Attorney in New York and Oregon and left the practice of law to be faithful to her true life calling. She founded Intentional Paradigms to express her gifts and cull together her eclectic mix of education, certifications, and life experience, namely to inspire radical transformation in woman who have big messages to share with the world. From Human Rights Law, to Corporate, to Family Mediation, to Coaching, to Energy Medicine, Stephanie never stops her path of learning, training, studying, and immersion in this this big and beautiful life called Grace. Her holistic approach to business reflects this.

“But the primitive magician, the medicine man, or the shaman is not only a sick man; he is, above all, a sick man who has been cured, who has succeeded in  curing himself.” -Author Unknown

Stephanie is passionate about protecting ancient forests and indigenous cultures around the world. She spent many years as an activist for the environment, human and indigenous rights, and access to justice. As an herbalist and lover of nature, she is committed to growing her coaching business to inspire women to leave their mark on the world and will donate a portion of all of her profits to organizations working to protect indigenous cultures and their sacred lands.

Her experience in 2012 visiting a Shuar community in the Ecuadorian Amazon hit home on the imminent threat  to the people of these pristine sacred places on earth. From a place of love and beauty emerges a desire to educate others on the healing powers of such people and pristine places and the knowledge they have for us in our lives, -our bodies, soul’s and businesses. We have much to learn from them in creating our best lives ever. The land Stephanie visited was sold by the Ecuadorian government to a Canadian mining company and slated for clear cut, and mining while the people will lose their ancestral land and be uprooted and relocated, their sacred land will be lost forever.


Dave Austin

imageDAVE AUSTIN is a highly sought after “mental performance coach” who was a former professional athlete and world-ranked tennis player, brings out the best in the elite and professional athletes you watch on TV everyday.

Dave is not only a best-selling author, he has developed his trademark “game ready” visualizations that have helped many NFL, MLB, Olympic, and college athletes allow their true talents to rise up and shine.

Dave Austin is also a direct descendant of a someone a part of this iconic image by Joe Rosenthal of the five marines struggling to raise the US flag on Iwo Jima.





Kristi DeWitt

KD headshotKristi DeWitt, AKA Date Diva, was born and raised in Anchorage, AK, where she enlisted in the dating corps at the age of 16. After serving honorably in the dating trenches for 25 years, DeWitt decided to use her powers for good and share her strategic tactics, MAN-euvers, and humorous tales from the front lines with her comrades in arms – YOU!

The Date Diva’s Inspiration:

The inspiration for writing “Stories From the Dating Trenches” happened one stranger-than-fiction date at a time. Mark Twain’s words, “Write what you know,” pointed the way to writing this Dating Manual. DeWitt began jotting down her odd dating experiences and then realized she had accumulated a wealth of valuable material.

After seeing a film called The Opus, the sequel to The Secret, Kristi’s now husband, Arthur, asked her what her Opus was. At that moment, she got goosebumps and realized she had one burning desire: She was compelled to write a book on dating. The next two years were an epic adventure of researching the dating industry, collecting stories from singles across America, and writing dating tips & tactics.

Date Manual Debrief:

Kristi achieved her goal and wrote an entertaining book that’s packed with practical, useful tactics and offers hysterical, true stories of good, bad and ugly date experiences. Currently, “Stories From the Dating Trenches” is only available at and at book signings and on her website. In addition, Kristi also hosts live events, phone courses, helps clients one-on-one, and she offers additional products to assist singles in finding a serious long-term relationships. Since she has been working with clients to help the find ʺThe One,ʺ the tactics she shares have been credited with 9 engagements, 8 weddings and 2 babies!


Haskel Jackson

HaskelClassicHaskel Jackson, Founder and CEO of Haskel Jackson Entertainment, Genesoul Productions, Dream Soul Records, PAI Stations, and the Genesoul Music Lab in Hollywood Ca.

Haskel is also a celebrated 7x GRAMMY Nominee. He develops and produces seasoned and emerging artists and students from all musical backgrounds and genres. He has had the opportunity to write and produce for Celebrity recording artists such as Kanye West, Judith Hill, Chaka Khan, Fonzworth Bentley, Alyson Stoner (Disney Actress), PIA MIA, Angie Stone, Raven Symone, and many others.

For over 20 years, Haskel Jackson has become the go to for top notch, professional production. He has excelled at delivering timeless music in all music genre’s at it’s highest level. From Country Music to Gospel, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz & Latin Music, Haskel has been proven to be an International Producer.

He has also Co-Founded, along with Rena Phillips, the “Unsigned Artist Network Show” and “New Stars Of Hollywood”. His two latest endeavors include the creation of “HENNA TV” (along with Aaron Spears, Estella Spears and Marcus Armstrong) and “The Hip Hop Choir” (along with MarcusBellringer).

Haskel Jackson, Dedicated Husband, Loving Father, Successful Music Producer, shares how he has it all and How You can too! Love is the Key and the Core Foundation!


Hani Brooks Shafran & Gilbert Noel Brooks

Hani Brooks and Gilbert Brooks

Hani Brooks Shafran was born and raised in a Kibbutz in Israel then moved to the US in the 90’s and became a US citizen. For many years she was a producer for an Israeli Jazz band. Hani is now a Marriage and Family Therapist. She specializes in Geriatrics social work and is an advocate for her clients. Hani is a graduate of a Canadian Art school and is a multi media artist involved in sculpture and dance. She is also a videographer. She has been immersed in Art & creating Nature inspired installation pieces for over 20 years. Hani’s work has been shown in New York and in California. Hani is the creator of Acorn Rising.

Gilbert Noel Brooks is a retired peace officer and religious science practitioner. Noel, as he prefers to go by, is guided by his intuition and alignment with Source which always provides patient and empowering guidance to his family and friends. He is a Natural counselor. Noel has been practicing transcendental meditation since the 70’s and is a strong believer in Eastern medicine and practices. A few of his preferred practices stem from the Sedona Method and the Teachings of Abraham just to name a few. Noel’s knowledge of natural medicines and remedies are also sought after by his family and friends to which he imparts his valuable and much appreciated wisdom. He is a true Spiritual Master.

The couple dance together in the framework of “Medicine Dance” and “Acorn Rising”.

Gilbert & Hani have been together for ten years and have recently married.

Rev. Candy Holmes

CandyReverend Candy Holmes, ordained clergy with the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) lifts up a liberation theology that is enriched by her Baptist, Pentecostal, and Interfaith roots and her social justice vision. These aspects of Rev. Holmes’ life help her to form an ecumenically-based ministry that boldly proclaims “God’s Love includes Everyone.” In addition to serving MCC as the Program Officer for People of African Descent and Liaison for Marriage Equality, she also serves in various leadership roles for The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, National Black Justice Coalition, and other ecumenical and social advocacy projects.  Rev. Holmes continues to put feet on the divine message of liberation through her social justice work.

As a spiritual activist, Rev. Holmes’ has come to understand that sharing our voices and stories of faith is key to changing minds and transforming hearts. She is a sought after thought leader, working with advocacy and civic groups, such as the Human Rights Campaign, National Black Justice Coalition, GLAAD, and Freedom To Marry.

Rev. Holmes was called upon to stand with congressional and civic leaders to witness President Obama sign a Presidential Memorandum to extend certain employment benefits to same-gender domestic partners of Federal employees. And she also testified before Congress on the merits and need for legislation that would extend full employment benefits to same-gender domestic partners of Federal employees.

No matter where you find Rev. Candy Holmes, she is tearing down walls that divide and building up bridges of hope and justice. Her mission is “Be the change you want to see.

Niki Robinson

Niki RobinsonNiki Robinson, Healer first and foremost with intent to inform, Yogi and Author.  Former star of Chicagolicious and Beyonce’s back Up Singer. As a Healer, Niki’s work will reveal that which has been otherwise hidden from you, by you. A part of her responsibility as a Healer is to ILLUMINATE your path, and to help you to see “your way” as it has played itself out in your life. Niki’s goal is to shine the light of truth in areas of your life that are shrouded in darkness thereby introducing you to your shadow-self!

Niki is an open vessel who has studied with world renowned healers and visits the ancient techniques of healing the mind and body with the help of the spirit. In the way as it has been revealed to Niki, she shares ancient teachings and ways of being, doing and communicating that will ensure your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Niki’s intent is to guide you into making simple yet profound changes that will affect you for the rest of your life, by simply changing your mind. “One must realize that “life is a puzzle, each experience has purpose and is a part of the whole that creates the picture” and by moving one piece you open yourself to seeing the picture as it appears on the box.”  She will help you to gain greater access to who you really are, independent of you once were.

Niki will teach you how to let go of that which no longer serves you, which includes people, places, situations, ideas ,ways of being and doing. She will also help you to see what has caused you great pain, which by the way is your perspective and re-sponse to what is being sponsored by recognizing it as such, moves you that much closer to your HIGHEST SELF.

That which you focus your mind upon will grow…

Dr. Anja Walter-Ris


Dr. Anja Walter-Ris, Author, Speaker and Stardom Coach!
Anja has studied over 30 years to find out why we have negative beliefs, how we change them, and how WE CAN REALIZE our dreams and potential in the three core areas of human life: our Relationships, our Personal Growth and our Work. In and through those three areas we try to realize our three primal needs and longings: LOVE, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

But that´s easier said than done, right? Because…
Everything is Relationship and Relationship is Everything!
That´s where Anja, Stardom Coaching and Alpha Synapses Programming™ come in!

Stardom coaching encompasses energy healing work that has a deep impact on all levels of your being – mind, body and soul – as well as masterful breakthrough coaching and truthful communication training.

Anja has many years of experience in career, marketing and psychological life coaching for performing artists, creative entrepreneurs and coaches, which ensure astonishing transformations and results in surprisingly short time frames.

Anja is the first Alpha Synapses Programming™ Teacher & Specialist – certified directly by the German founder and developer Lissy Götz – to bring this new, revolutionary, cutting-edge healing modality to the United States!

Natalie Hill

Natalie HillNatalie Hill, Business Strategy Expert at helping conscious women entrepreneurs create a fulfilling, transformational and lucrative business.

Three years ago, Natalie gave up her income, her home and all her possessions . . . to live a life of her own design and to see if it was truly possible to live her passion and soul’s purpose from anywhere in the world . . . and get paid well to do it. Five months into her Maverick adventure . . . Natalie was living on a beach in Thailand . . . when she had her first $10,000 income month!  With the same courage and commitment that created Natalie’s entrepreneurial success . . . she was determined to discover the formula for the easiest, quickest, most direct path to success for a heart-based woman entrepreneur.

Natalie Helps and Guides other spiritual women entrepreneurs apply her “Sacred Entrepreneurial Success Formula” to double or triple their income and impact! Her key discovery was that business success – for the spiritual entrepreneur, requires both business savvy and transformational tools . . . to bust the blocks that tell us we’re not good enough, we don’t deserve success.

Tiffany Josephs & Keith Allen Kay

Tiffany JosephsTiffany Josephs, a trailblazer for awakened hearts who are ready to evolve into their true soul being. A former minister, marketing manager and corporate change expert, she has diverse experience in searching for her own glass slipper. Through her writing, private sessions and speaking engagements, Tiffany passionately enchants seekers into the beauty and wonder of their own truth, helping them feel safe in their vastness, and guiding them into deeper intimacy and trusted relationship with their souls.

Keith Allen Kay, an intuitive artist, teacher and spiritual revolutionary. He creates art with fractal technology based on a client’s numerology. Keith teaches with Tiffany Josephs in the popular “True You” class an Online Experience. This course explores the mysteries of the soul, unlocking hidden treasure while dancing with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies. This course is based on the Gospel of Innocence.  Keith has worked with Deepak Chopra and the ChopraCenter and many spiritual churches.

Rhonda Liebig

Rhonda LiebigRhonda Liebig, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Author of “The FITT Solution.”
Rhonda works with individuals and groups to transform their lives by teaching them how to break through their day to day stress and open up their path to health. With over 15 years of experience in the health industry she has worked with entrepreneurial spirited women and through her programs they have been able to find their sexy, successful selves.

Rhonda’s book “The FITT Solution” teaches how to radically improve your health with her personalized F.I.T.T. 4 Step Signature Programs. This includes coaching techniques to slimming down, feeling less stress, losing the 3PM slump, and bringing back your beauty factor. Rhonda’s next book which is about to be released is called “Workouts with Results and Recipes for Energy – 4 steps to a Sexy, Successful You!”

Rhonda’s Health Coach training is from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world. This is where she has cultivated her proven coaching techniques that have helped thousands of people overcome their struggles and achieve success.

Her approach in coaching results in lifelong weight loss, stress release, organization, and nutrition.  Rhonda also works with individuals and groups through her personal training studio business.  At the studio she focuses on age appropriate and goal setting workouts.  Through health coaching and personal training, her clients learn about how to treat food as their medicine and how nutrition affects everything from their energy, decision making, to the aging process, and much more.

Sue Drury

Sue DruryDr. Sue Drury, Clinical Psychologist, Trauma Specialist, Coach, Adjunct Professor of Counseling, Organizational Development Consultant, brings her training as a clinical psychologist and experience to helping people identify what nourishes them and to remove the barriers to creating what they want!

Dr. Sue Drury is committed to living in head to toe energetic aliveness. Does it always happen? Not always but she does what she can to create aliveness and joy in her life and to help others create aliveness and joy in theirs.

One of Sue’s specialties is helping people to heal past traumas that sabotage their aliveness. Dr. Sue Drury works together with an energy healer to create 3-4 day healing intensives that use Gestalt Therapy, visioning, EMDR and other methods to create a unique transformative experience.

Dr. Sue lends her expertise to organizations to heal relationships so that their teams can move forward in teamwork and collaboration. This occasionally requires healing “monsters under the table” so that the team can reconnect.


Tami Call


Tami Call, Author, Educator, and Coach is the voice for entrepreneurs, experts and professionals who refuse to separate their livelihood from their passions and purpose. To help others achieve this vision, she created, an online community and inbox magazine designed to help people around the world more fully align their work, faith and life purpose.

Tami Call has also created “The 7 Steps to Brilliance” program to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, speakers, authors and trainers transform their businesses so they can make the leap from being unseen, unheard and unnoticed to letting their light shine. Tami is the author of “21 Ways to Build Your Business with Email Marketing”, “10Steps to Publishing Your Book”, and a contributor to the book “Dare to Be a Difference Maker 2.”


Annie Loyd

AnnaAnnie Loyd, Founder of “The FUSION Foundation”, Director of “Peace Walker”, Sangha, Social Architect, Visionary, Public Speaker and Student. For over 25 years Annie has worked in the communities in which she has resided. Most importantly, she works with people matching needs with resources.

The FUSION Foundation, the Peace Walker Society, and Sangha are committed to developing a creative community that provides an environment for a culture of peace, compassion and nonviolence to flourish, to elevate the human condition and to share it with the planet. Annie believes that we draw upon the peace and wisdom traditions of all cultures and seek to discover the emerging next practices to model, share and teach.

Annie continues her engaging and unique style of communication with diverse audiences through speaking engagements, as a radio talk show host and guest, educational facilitator and trainer, spiritual leader and guide, guest lecturer, moderator, emcee and keynote speaker.

Annie is a “social architect,” one who sees things that aren’t quite right and tries to find solutions. Through her experiences of working in public health, various faith communities, owning a construction company and social activism Annie has acquired a vast understanding of community, state, national and global challenges. Annie utilizes her experience of the “work on the ground” and problem-solving to create opportunities for community collaboration.

Whether traveling to New Orleans to help victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, working in the diverse community of 5,500 people of Guadalupe, Arizona, designing youth gang prevention and building resilient and sustainable and community development program models or discovering and mapping the path for successful immigration reform, Annie has consistently demonstrated her willingness, desire and unique talent of bringing diverse and sometimes divisive individuals and groups together to find common ground.

Annie’s education began in communications at Mount Marty College and continued on at Phoenix Community College then Arizona State University in Political Science.


Shirley Billson

Shirley Billson Shirley Billson, International Hypnotherapist, Coach, Speaker, Author of “Unleash Your Core Brilliance” and a master of the Inner Game of Success. Shirley has an MA in marketing, had her first company directorship at 29, has appeared on BBC TV and radio and had set up her first business when she was 40. However, financial success eluded her; and it wasn’t until she was 50 that she really began to follow the path that was truly for her. She finally realized what loving yourself – and being empowered – really meant when it came to making money and finding success. Now, she inspires and empowers other mid-life women entrepreneurs to be true to who they are, so they can make money doing what they love – and then the miracles can happen.

Rev. Karen Russo


Reverend Karen Russo, award-winning author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power, endorsed by her teachers Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Loral Langemeier, Katherine Woodward Thomas, T. Harv Eker, and a foreword by Bob Proctor. Reverend Karen Russo also Known as Your Spiritual Guide in Wealth Creation!

With her unusual blend of experience as an MBA from Columbia University, an accomplished corporate trainer, an award winning salesperson, and an ordained interfaith minister, Karen shares insights from over 25 years of success in secular and spiritual realms.

She’s been featured on TV’s Good Morning Arizona, Sonoran Living, Fox News and WABC TV New York, in Phoenix Woman and Science of Mind magazines and on NAWBO, eWomen and corporate platforms.


Lory Rosenberg

picture_182_edited4Lory Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of IDEAS Consultation and Coaching LLC, Empowering Excellence and Entrepreneurship. Lory is an award-winning, internationally recognized immigration defense lawyer, former appeals judge, sought-after legal consultant and mentor, who works with high-minded immigration lawyers and professionals seeking authentic success in their law practices and businesses.

Lory, creator of Positive Energy Pathways shows you how to enhance your business, improve your financial picture, or increase your confidence to go into a new venture doing fantastic work you love.  If you’ve been avoiding your relationship with money or didn’t even know you had one; want to elevate your services, or are ready for a meaningful transition or change in your life, Positive Energy Pathways breakthrough and balance coaching is for you!

She coaches lawyers, leaders and entrepreneurs to breakthrough the performance, productivity, and profit obstacles that cause stress and burnout, and tune in energetically, through tapping, and using other practical exercises, to a positive mindset, so they can take focused action to increase their visibility, reach ideal clients, and get paid what they’re worth.

Lory’s authentic success coaching empowers her clients to unleash their unique potential, provide winning representation, leverage their services and expertise, and create phenomenal prosperity and fulfillment in their lives and businesses.


 Elizabeth Hartigan

Elizabeth HartiganElizabeth Hartigan, is an Author, Speaker, Gratitude Coach, & Spiritual Guide.

She helps Women Business owners Unearth their Purpose, Unleash their Magnificence, and tap into their inner Divine Wisdom! “So often we are held back in life by our own perceptions.” Elizabeth helps her clients see past the perception and step into possibility, by breaking down their big dreams into action steps while holding them accountable, and staying centered in gratitude. “When we come from that space of feeling true Gratitude, we raise our vibration, we heal our lives, and we can attract so much more!”


AnneMarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is a Money, Marketing and Mindset Business Coach who supports ambitious women entrepreneurs in unearthing and communicating their inner brilliance (their brand) so they can boost their credibility, visibility, celebrity and profitability.
She guides her clients through her Signature Irresistible Branding, 6-Figure Success Blueprint and Money Mindset Breakthrough Secrets programs – helping them build solid business foundations and implement key marketing strategies so they can stand out from their competitors.

Annemarie has been dubbed: ʺThe Podcasting Queenʺ by her followers for her weekly, International award-winning podcast – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and regularly shares business and marketing tips.



Therese Skelly

ThereseKellyTherese Skelly works with heart centered entrepreneurs who love what they do and are ready to market and sell in a much easier and more authentic way.

She blends her background as a psychotherapist, strategist, and business consultant and masterfully works both the inner game challenges and the outer game tactics. She is passionate about helping people create businesses they love.

It’s not uncommon for a client to have a session with Therese and walk away with a whole new business model or product offering, because Therese has an uncanny way of seeing profit potential. Why? Because as Therese says, “Your brilliance is in your blind spot…I can help you find it, package it, market it, and monetize it.”

From newer business owners who want to design a business that serves their life, to the already successful entrepreneurs who want to leverage their time and grow their income, to the heart-centered visionaries, Therese works with individuals like you who have a big desire to make a difference in the world.

She has been published as a contributor in two Amazon Best-selling books and she’s an in demand frequent guest on teleseminars, radio shows, and speaks locally and nationally to rooms of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

She’s all about helping people be fully expressed and having businesses they love.


 Gaia Earth Star


Gaia Earth Star, Gifted Soul Astrologer, Plediadian Channel and Spiritual Guide. Her connection to the Invisible, to Source allows her to tap into the Cosmic Mind and channel from the 5th Dimension of Love and Creativity, beholded by our Star Family, the Plediadians; which are great assistants in healing our emotional body. Gaia Earth Star also channels from the sacred space of unconditional love which is rooted in the heart of Earth Mother. She is a knowledgeable Soul Astrologer, guiding many to their Life Purpose! On the Orgena Rose Show, Gaia Earth Star will explain how the energy of Planets and Stars are directly connected with Life on Earth! Find out how your North Node and South Node help you release your past and step into your future with Gaia Earth Star!


Ruth Klein

JACKET -75Ruth Klein is CEO of her firm, Expert Celebrity ™ Branding, and is a best-selling author of six books. The book, Time Management Secrets for Working Women has been translated into Mandarin, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. Ruth has been interviewed in O:The Oprah Magazine, CNBC, Prevention Magazine, Washington Post Online, ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS as well as many others.


Ruth is a Creative Brand Strategist and Productivity Coach and works with conscious entrepreneurs, authors and experts to help them gain much more visibility and become a thought leader in their industry, so that they can do their “magic” and attract their Ideal Clients and the Media….no longer being the “best kept secret.”


Ruth helps her clients create Personal and Business Brands that create financial and spirit-rich businesses. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychgology and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing.


Klein is president of the non-profit organization “The Self-Esteem Council” that has touched the lives of thousands of high school girls and boys, many of them now going to college and living productive lives. She is currently CEO of a new project called Universal Mom,™ where certified Universal Moms around the world help children and teens uncover their brilliance and gifts through the art of writing.


Ruth is the mother of Naomi, David and Daniel and is the ‘MaMoi’ (french for mom) of Hannah who is almost ten months old.


Ruth, along with five other conscious leaders in their field including our Very Own Orgena Rose will be hosting the Conscious Leadership Expert Tele-Summit Event which will take place on October 22, 23 and 24th . Be Sure Not to Miss This Exciting Event!

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 Sabine Messner

SabineMessner_Bio-150x150Known as The Wizard of Soul Purpose Branding, Sabine Messner is on a mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs put their soul into their brand, and get their business on purpose —while getting handsomely paid for it. As an international bestselling co-author, an award winning Wired Web pioneer, and a corporate brand strategist gone renegade, Sabine is a soul purpose trailblazer in her own right. Having followed her own sacred calling she emigrated from Europe in the mid nineties to launch her dream life and career in the United States.

With clients like Tim Kelley and Jeffrey Van Dyk, Sabine empowers new paradigm visionaries across the globe to ‘be in business with their purpose.’ Her branding is said to be ‘pure medicine’ for people’s souls, businesses as well as their bottom-lines.

Sabine holds a M.A. in Visual Communication (Magna Cum Laude) from The Berlin University of the Arts. She has studied extensively with world-renowned teachers at the leading edge of consciousness as well as with Native American, Peruvian and Tibetan healers and shamans who are still a secret. She is the founder and CEO of Soul Purpose Branding® and the creator of the PowerReinvention® Journey and the Soul Brand Emergence™ Virtual Retreat Intensives.

Sabine lives blissfully in the foothills of Paradise Valley, Arizona with her soul mate husband and her soul mate cat-son.

Learn more about Sabine and discover how you can be positioned as a multi-dimensional leader in your divine legacy at



kumari-header-fullInternationally acclaimed intuitive healer, author, visionary spiritual leader and animal mystic, Kumari’s deepest joy is empowering others to unwrap their innate intuitive, manifesting and healing gifts. Kumari is the host of “How to Heal Anything” an internet TV program; former host of “Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja, a leading empowerment radio network. She wrote the Foreword to “Journey to Joy,” and is co-author of “Empowering Transformations for Women”, both bestselling books. Her transformational work includes critically acclaimed CDs “Connecting with All Life” and “Awaken Your Soul”, the groundbreaking “Divine Human” course and Animal Communication and Quantum Creating retreats.

Kumari’s mission is to inspire awareness and compassion through exploring the human/animal spiritual connection as a vehicle to experience the bliss of Oneness. She serves as a catalyst for global ascension through conscious vibrational healing. She has facilitated thousands of people…and their animal friends in achieving profound transformations.