HeartSong Choir offers adults and teenagers an alternative experience to the traditional classical or community choir, offering a new approach to vocal training and entertainment plus the chance to sing and perform popular contemporary songs, with no auditions and no requirements to read music or have any previous singing experience.
HeartSong Choir is much more than a choir it is a multi-layered singing experience. The power of music, meeting new friends and performing at life changing events, together contribute to an emotional and powerful journey for our members.
Its uplifting ethos of fun, friendship and community spirit is a huge part of its attraction. At an individual level, it helps improve people’s self-confidence, enables them to develop new singing skills, and enjoy a dynamic new social life. Singing together and achieving such a great sound gives members a huge sense of fulfilment. Added to this is the glamour and excitement of performing in public, which for many is a truly liberating experience.
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Heartsong Choir is America’s newest and hottest contemporary choir, singing pop, rock, and chart music with no auditions and no need to read music. Our members from across the country develop self-confidence, new skills, a dynamic new social life and enjoy fun, up-beat rehearsals with a huge sense of fulfillment after each performance or event.
Please see below our most frequently asked questions. Here, you can see further information on your HeartSong Choir Membership however, if you can’t find the answer you are looking for, just contact the HeartSong Choir Office at 323-238-4653.


1. Joining HeartSongChoir


How do I join HeartSong Choir?

Once you have attended your free taster session we will send you an email which will show you how to join. Additionally, a step by step guide to joining HeartSong Choir can be found on the homepage of www.heartsongchoir.com

Can I bring a friend?

You are more than welcome to bring a friend, but you must ask your friend to also book a place on the website, so that we have contact details for both of you. This is in case of cancellation or changes to the rehearsal session. You will need individual email addresses, as our database does not accept the same email address for two people. If your friend turns up with you at a session then please ensure that they sign the register, including their email address so that we can add their details to our system to send the link for them to join.

I don’t have a computer/email address – how do I register my details?

If you do not have a computer or email address then please contact our Head Office and we will complete your registration for you.

Can I change my taster session date or location?

To change your taster session you can log on to your account and under the ‘My Profile’ tab is the box ‘Change Taster Session’. This gives you the option to change the location of your session or transfer to the next available date.

Do I have to audition or read music?

No, you don’t have to audition, be able to read music or be a good singer; we just want you to feel enthusiastic about singing and enjoy the experience of HeartSong Choir.

What is the age limit?

Our membership ranges from 18 through to 90. We allow 11-14 year olds to join an adult choir if they are accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian but it is completely at the Choir Leader’s discretion. That parent or guardian would also have to accompany the child to any performances they take part in. 14–17 year olds can attend unaccompanied at the Choir Leaders discretion.

What sort of songs do you sing? How many songs do we learn each term?

We usually sing a minimum of three songs per term and our repertoire includes rock, pop and modern songs ranging from ballads through to up tempo, feel good contemporary songs.


2. How do I pay?/My Payments

How much is HeartSong Choir?

HeartSong Choir is $25 monthly or $100 per term with 3 terms throughout the year totalling $300 per year.

What are the Payment methods?

You can pay for your membership either by Direct Debit ($25 monthly) or per Term ($100 each term). Payment can be made online through your members account under the ‘My Payments’ tab.

If you are unable to make your payment online, please contact the office on 323-238-4653 to organize an alternative method of payment.

What do the fees cover?

The rehearsal fees covers the costs of paying the professional Choir Leaders; hiring the venues; performing licences for all the songs that we use; copyright fees to the publishers; recording of backing tracks; maintenance of our website; business taxes and other administrative costs and general expenses incurred in the day to day running of a business.

Do you offer discount for concessions?

We do offer concessions to students, armed services, seniors and families with 3 or more immediate relatives in HeartSong Choir. Please contact the office for more details on this.

Why am I paying for HeartSong Choir when we don’t have any rehearsals?

HeartSong Choir is $300 per year (3 terms x $100). Direct Debit payments are $25 per month throughout the year (12 months x $25) which means payment will still be taken even though there are no HeartSong Choir rehearsals. $25 monthly payments are as follows:

January/February/March/April – Spring Term ($100)

May/June/July/August – Summer Term ($100)

September/October/November/December – Autumn Term ($100)

Will I get a refund if I don’t attend all the sessions in the term?

We ask for a term commitment to HeartSong Choir and only in exceptional circumstances, with authorisation, would we be able to offer a refund.

Why are the Term payments split as Deposit and Balance? Can I pay in full?

For members, we offer the option of splitting the payment or paying in full at the start of each term. Payments are split because when new members sign up they pay the deposit first; when they next log on, the fee will automatically have been adjusted for the sessions they owe for the term. It is possible to make a full payment by ticking ‘Select’ in both payment boxes and this adds the figures together.

  1. Term Dates

How many rehearsals are there in a term/Where can I find the term dates?

There are three terms during the year – Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each term is a minimum of ten weeks and the dates for the terms can be found in your ‘Song Resources’ on your HeartSong Choir Membership Area as Rehearsal Schedule. Alternatively, you can find them on the ‘About’ page on our main HeartSong Choir website.

  1. My membership area


How do I log on to my HeartSongChoir Members Area?

Type www.rockchoir.com into your browser. Click ‘Menu’ in the top right corner and then ‘Members’. There will then be the option to ‘Sign in here’ – put in your Username (email address) and your Password.

I’ve forgotten my password

To request a new password – click ‘Forgot Password’ on the sign in page. You will receive a link in an email to reset your password – please check your junk/spam box to make sure the email has not been sent there.

How do I change my personal details/email address?

Log on to your account and click on ‘My Profile’ where you can change your details by clicking ‘Edit’. If you change your email address, you will need to contact Head Office who can change your ‘Username’ so that you can log on to your account using your new email address.


  1. My song resources

How do I access my harmony parts/lyrics?

Downloads, Lyrics and Performance Letters, as well as the Term dates can be found in your ‘Song Resources’. These are all available when payments are up to date.

I can’t see my song resources.

If you are unable to see your song resources or these have been blocked, it will be because a payment has not been made within the given timespan. A deposit ($25) is payable by the first week of term and the balance ($75) is made within three weeks of the start of term. If payment is not received then the system will automatically block your Downloads. This does not apply to members paying by Direct Debit as payment is on a continuous monthly basis.


  1. HeartSong Choir Uniform

Where do I buy the uniform?

Uniform and Merchandise are available from the HeartSong Choir Shop. You can order any products through your Members Area by clicking ‘Shop’. Alternatively you can contact us by phone:


  1. Disability Access

Do you have facilities and access for Disabled Members?

We try to ensure that our choir rehearsals are held in venues that have disabled access and facilities on site. You can see these details by searching for your choir on our locator tool


  1. HeartSong Choir Performances

Do I have to pay to be part of the performances/events?

There is usually no cost to take part in a HeartSongChoir performance however, you will have to pay for your own transport when necessary. We do offer unique and exceptional opportunities to perform at certain events such as Disneyland, Recordings and Workshops. These types of events are at an extra cost and you may be responsible for travel and accommodation if and when necessary.

Event Queries

If you would like to book HeartSongChoir for an event, all enquiries will need to be sent to events@heartsongchoir.com.


If you are participating in an event with HeartSongChoir, your choir leader will have all the relevant information and it will be shared with you directly. You can also contact the events team at events@heartsongchoir.com.


  1. My HeartSong Choir session


Can I attend another choir if I’m not able to get to my usual session?

You are welcome to attend as many sessions/choirs run by your Choir Leader as you wish each week. You can also visit another choir run by a different Choir Leader as a one-off if you are away on holiday/business and so not able to attend your usual session. If you would like to attend another session as a one off, please notify the HeartSongChoir office so that we can adjust your account, otherwise you will be charged for attending a different choir from your usual membership group.

Why does our choir group have workshops this term?

Workshops are only offered to members when we are not able to offer regular weekly sessions. Although this may not be ideal, we believe it is a better option than not running any choir sessions throughout the term. Workshops are run by other Choir Leaders who step in to help and the sessions are booked for the time that the Leaders are not running their own choirs (usually Friday or Saturdays).

How do I move/transfer my membership to another choir?

Just give the HeartSongChoir office a call and we can make the changes to your membership account. You can contact us either by email (office@heartsongchoir.com) or by phone at 323-238-4653.


  1. Cancelling my HeartSong Choir membership


How do I cancel my Membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership then please contact the HeartSongChoir office by email to office@heartsongchoir.com We will check that payments are up to date and retire your membership – but you are always welcome to return at any time in the future!





Why not experience HeartSong Choir for yourself by taking part in a FREE taster session before you decide to join?


There is no audition and no spotlight shone upon you at the session. The taster session will give you the chance to take part in one of our regular sessions and afterwards you can talk to your Choir Leader about the joining process.


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HeartSong Choir was started in Los Angeles, CA  in 2019 by musician and singer, Orgena Rose. HeartSong Choir is a highly acclaimed choir to offer the general public the chance to sing pop, HeartSongand chart songs with no entry audition and no requirements to read music or have any previous singing experience.

The HeartSong Choir experience

HeartSong Choir offers an alternative experience to the traditional classical or community choir, pioneering a new approach to vocal training and entertainment. We offer fun, weekly rehearsals using well-known hit songs with original vocal arrangements and performance elements.

HeartSongChoir has achieved a fantastic reputation in the UK for our sophisticated teaching techniques, unique style and the feel-good experience we give our members. We support hundreds of local communities and raise money for charities through performances and events.