JV Speaker Agreement

Welcome to the Orgena Rose Show! We are excited to help you get your voice and message out in a bigger way so you can truly SHINE YOUR LIGHT and SHARE THE LOVE to make this world a better place.

The following information outlines the way we each create a true win/win and the highest and best for all involved.

Guests will be interviewed for 20-30 Minutes. Please set aside 1 hour on the day of your interview.

Join Orgena’s “Standing Room Only” Promise

Help us make the show and therefore, YOU, a big success and spread the word!

Our goal is to have “STANDING ROOM ONLY” for each of our guest's interviews. In order to have full and enthusiastic participation in the show - and to have maximum exposure for you and your message - Guests agree to send out a Solo Mailer at least 2 weeks leading up to the airing of their episode with one at the start along with social media throughout as we will do the same. Guest agrees to join, like, follow, etc. us on our social media and we agree to also do the same. We strive to work with you and time the airing of your segment with your product, program or service offering but this is not guaranteed as various factors may not allow this. You will be notified when your segment airs.

Your Free Gift

If you would like to provide participants with a Free Gift, please forward to us a link for the individuals to obtain your free gift along with the graphic for the gift and and we will include information about your gift (book, ebook, training, session, etc) on our site. This is also not required. To view examples and receive your free gifts from the Orgena Rose Show to you, visit our “Free Gift”s page: http://orgenarose.tv/free-gifts/

Guests will also have the opportunity to share their message along with their product, service, course, or program. Guests will enjoy having the Orgena Rose Show as a Brand Ambassador and affiliate sharing a percentage of the total sales from customers who enroll or purchase their product or program at their affiliate rate. (Minimum of 10%) This does not apply to music or CD sales. If the guest does not have an affiliate program, an affiliate link will be created for them. Other arrangements may be made upon request. Guests agree to forward their product or affiliate links within one week of their airing and if you do not have an webpage set up, a link will be created for you and listed on a webpage we create for you with funds from purchases forwarded to you within 5-10 business days. A percentage of all proceeds will go to benefit the Wilu and other charities that support girls, teens and young women who have been abused.

I have read the foregoing and understand both what is required of me (“Guest”) and what will be provided to me by (“Host”) in connection with my appearance on the show.

I hereby grant Host the right to use all visual and audio recordings, photographs and transcripts of me and my interview in future presentations, programs, products and other activities for educational, commercial, informational or promotional purposes. I understand that Host reserves the right to use such recordings, photos and transcripts for future purposes without financial compensation to the guest and assign any rights of ownership or copyright I may possess or be entitled to in any and all audio, video, photographic or transcribed recordings in which I appear in connection with the Orgena Rose Show to the Orgena Rose Show or any other shows produced by Orgena Rose, Sacred Rose Productions or affiliated companies. I agree not to use the video from such recordings without the express written consent of the Orgena Rose Show or its affiliated companies unless in its entirety. Host has agreed to provide to me, upon my request, an audio recording of my interview and agrees that I may use same in my future promotions with credit given to the Orgena Rose Show.


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*By Signing Initials above or my participation in the interview constitutes my Full Agreement with the above statements and the Terms and Conditions*

Guest/Host Agreement



If you prefer, you can print out this JV Speaker Agreement, sign and fax to 323-238-4673 

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