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Have you always wanted to record a CD?

Do you want to write or have songs written but they’ve not been recorded?

Do you wish you could finally get the music that’s inside of you out and into the world?


Now is the time for you to finally have your dream become a reality with

Producer, Broadway Star and Award Winning Voice Expert, Orgena Rose


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With over 20 years of singing, songwriting, performance and recording experience, Orgena will guide you step by step to creating, writing and recording your own music in a professional LA Studio with Grammy Nominated Team!



In this program you will:

 => Finally sing the song in your soul and share it with the world!
=> Unleash the music that’s inside of you out and let your voice be heard!
=> Record your CD professionally with your style and have your music sound the way you want it to!

What is the process like of recording my CD?

1. First, you will have a powerful Visioning and Orientation Session to go over the process and begin laying down the foundation for your project.  You will have absolute clarity as to what is needed and what steps we will take so you can have your successfully recorded CD!

2. Second, you will receive an in-depth Song Creation Session to capture the magic and messages you’d like to share with your music.  Depending on how many songs you are recording, and if you have the Songwriting Success course, we will then begin writing the songs.
3. Then we practicing and refine the vocals with Empowered Vocal Coaching to make sure you sound your best. You will receive insider secrets to make your voice studio ready! We also create practice tracks for you to sing to so you can be completely comfortable with your songs. We cover licensing and copyrighting any original songs so they’re protected.
4. Finally, we get to work with Grammy nominated professionals in a Los Angeles recording studio, to record your songs!  If you have the music video package, we will capture these incredible moments in the studio on video!
5. To complete this exciting journey, we deliver the draft to you, and if there are any edits you’d like, we make those edits. We repeat the process one more time if necessary so that you are 100% DELIGHTED with your songs. The songs are professionally packaged and you finally have your voice and music recorded on CD ready to share with the world!
Click below to view the different packages and once you’ve chosen, apply for your Record My Music Discovery Session. 

Stop Waiting. Finally have what you’ve dreamed of!


Check out our fabulous SACRED SINGER SUCCESS recording opportunities below!


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Don’t Die With Your Music Inside Of You… Now Is Your Time

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To find out more details and see which program is a fit for you please CLICK HERE.

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