ThanksgivinggraphicThanksgiving is the time of the year when we are specific in how we give our thanks and how we appreciate others and our blessings. It is a good practice to give thanks on a daily basis for what we have, for the people in our lives and for who we are. Being thankful and appreciating who we ourselves are, sometimes gets lost in the shuffle when we are giving thanks for others in our lives. We need to show appreciation and give ourselves unconditional, nonjudgmental Love, so that we can heal any wounds that we may have and also so that we open up our channels to receive and allow. Another bonus is that once we appreciate and Love ourselves in this way, we are capable of giving the same unconditional, nonjudgmental Love to others.


Be Thankful for where you are in your Life right now although it may not be where you thought you would be or where you want to be.


Be Appreciative of even the smallest things in life; a child’s laughter, your pet’s love and devotion to you, the beautiful tree outside of your window.


Be Grateful for what you have right now, even if it’s not exactly what you asked for but learn to be appreciative for what you do receive.


Being Thankful, Appreciative, and Grateful opens our hearts to receiving and allowing Life enhancing experiences, Positive People, and our True Heart’s Desires.


Gratitude and Appreciation is not only about being Thankful about our own lives but also about Helping and Giving of ourselves and resources to others.


We should all strive to help whenever and whoever we can by words or deeds. From a smile to an encouraging word, from guidance and Inspiration to a much needed embrace, from a financial contribution to someone who may need your temporary help to a place to lay their head. We have all needed any one of these things at one time or another and aren’t you grateful you had help? Giving of ourselves, our time, and our resources are some of the greatest ways to show Appreciation and Gratitude!


Please join us in showing Appreciation and giving Thanks in a deliberate way.


Seven mindful hours of Gratitude;


Hour One: I am Thankful for who I am today and for waking up alive and breathing! Breathe in; hold two, three, four…Breathe out; one, two, three, four


Hour Two: I am Grateful for the Laws of the Universe, the Co-creative process, and for the cooperative components, people and positive circumstances that I allow to flow into my Life!


Hour Three: I am Appreciative of all who came before me and who are present in this lifetime, who taught enlightenment, empowerment, and unconditional Love!


Hour Four: I am Thankful for my Family, my Friends, and anyone who has played a part in who I am today! I am Thankful for their Kindness, Generosity, Support, and Love!


Hour Five: I Appreciate that I have a choice to consciously change and create the Life that I desire through my thoughts, meditation, sleep, exercise, water and breathing!


Hour Six: I am Thankful for the Universe, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, Our Life sustaining Earth, Air, Gravity and all of the Galaxies!


Hour Seven: I am Thankful, Appreciative, and Grateful for my Alignment with Source and my Knowledge of it! Source is whatever you feel and know your connection to be with! God/Goddess/Universe/Source/Energy force all the same by any other name!


Many Blessings,


Laura Rosario, 

Production Assistant

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