Sherry Palomo: The Dump and Pour Chef


If someone were to ask you, “What’s your favorite brand of toothpaste?”           that would be a no-brainer, right?

How about your favorite vehicle? Your favorite sports clothes and shoes?               No problem, right?

Your favorite Chef? Maybe it’s the uberchef on television in “Chopped” or Rachel Ray, or the guy who rides his motorcycle across the country, stopping in little hamlets for special local flavor.

cook_m1Today we offer a new, wonderful, funny alternative to those oh-so-serious contenders: The Dump and Pour Chef, a cartoon character maybe a little bit like your mother or your grandmother. For all those beloved people in your life who have secret recipes that you crave, but can’t tell you how much of what went into the mix, we offer a kindred soul.

The Dump and Pour Chef is more than happy to share her creations with you. In fact, you’re invited along for the experience, as long as you have a KID to do the cooking! Any kid can do this. Be brave! Trust The Chef when she says, “Throw your recipes out the window!” Don’t panic when you encounter Ants on a Log or Elephant and Monkey Chow. It’s quite safe to eat, and especially good when you have the munchies.

Sound interesting? Beginning tomorrow, The Dump and Pour Chef will reveal one of her favorite dishes from her book,


                                                                                   “The Dump and Pour Chef Cooks with Kids.”

                                                                                      Get your copy of the e-book right here for just $9.95!


Each week The Chef will share a page from the eBook, along with some of her philosophy of cooking and raising kids.

In the meantime, let the dishes pile up in the sink for today. Tomorrow we’ll cook up something in the Dishwasher!

Keep Cookin!

Sherry Palomo

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