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Attention: Artists, Musicians, Singers, Songwriter who want to make money now…

You’re About to Discover How to Turn Your Passion For Music Into A High Paying Profession Using These Artists Quantum Leap Money Secrets Now…”

 Learn how you will be able to…

  • Get booked on the biggest and highest paying stages that 6-FIGURE musicians don’t want you to know about!
  • Free up your time and energy so you can work on what you love most…music!sponsor-1236
  • Leverage yourself so you get paid what you are TRULY worth and make great income!
  • Earn more money in ONE month than you did all year with your music! 
  • Get massive exposure and perform for BIG audiences! 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 people for 1 show!
  • Rapidly grow your fan email list without having to tour or devote any time to social media!
  • Get sponsors and fans to fund your next CD release AND your music career!
  • Get a team of interns to do all the busy work for you…for FREE!
  • Reach your “Freedom Day” the day you can finally walk out of your day job!!


During this powerful, ELITE 1 year private coaching program, you will receive a powerful step-by-step 5M training in:

Mission – What is the mission you’re called to? What is your unique Purpose and Call with your music? We first plan out your overall strategy.

Mindset – What’s sabotaging and holding you back from being and having BIG success! We find out, clear it and uplevel you to a shining star mindset.

Message – What is your Message? How do you Brand yourself so the media and the world wants more of you? We clarify and create your brand messaging.

Money – How can you double, triple or 10x your income? By empowering your voice in money, clearing money blocks and stepping into your Sacred Money calling.

Marketing – Magnetize and Attract your perfect tribe, the media, bookings and more.


Go from being unknown to in demand!


What’s Included in Your 12-Month Journey?

I have designed this program to include the best of my 20 years of transformational coaching, plus my voice, stage, wealth and business building experience.

*SoulVision Blueprint – Get clear on your “soul’s bulls-eye” – what you really, passionately want to do. Then we create your strategic plan so you know exactly what your next steps are in the right order. (No more guessing, hoping and wondering what works)

*Sponsorship Breakthrough Secrets – Get YOUR Show, Product, Book, Tour, Event, or Cause Sponsored and Promoted by Major Corporations and Non-Profits!

*Sacred Abundance – Align your spiritual and financial success to create more money, abundance and wealth in your life and business. Eliminate money struggles once and for all!

*Tours, Cabarets, and Concerts – Learn how to create and build your tours to be profitable as well as fulfilling and fun!

*Dream Team Secrets – Learn the secrets to building your team with paid experts and interns who are skilled, reliable and excited to do the things you don’t love to do for free!

*Marketing Mastery Formula – Follow this powerful, proven formula to create a rush of raving fans, customers and bookings

*Webshow Mastery Secrets – Learn these step-by-step proven Hollywood secrets to design your online video channel and get a massive following, media attention and more!


You’ll receive these powerful trainings in private coaching calls with Orgena as your personal mentor!

Live Training Calls with Orgena

Twice per month you’ll have Orgena as your personal trainer! During your training you’ll be able to interact with her and have her eyes on your business! You can ask her your specific questions live! You can submit questions in advance, or ask during your calls. We want to make sure your questions get answered and that everything in the program is making sense for you. All sessions are recorded.(Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)


Videos & Digital Materials

You’ll receive access to the digital materials, videos, checklists, and templates that will support you in your training calls. (Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)




2 Live Transformational Retreats

Free Tickets to In Person Fun & Transformation

Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate as you deepen your journey at Orgena’s retreats


*Travel and accommodations not included for events. All dates and times are subject to change.

Rheinhold, New York & Laguna Beach, CA


Private Members Online Forum

Having a place to interact, ask questions, share wins and network is key to your success, so we’ll have a private Members Only Facebook group just for program participants.


>>Shine Your Light Celebrity VIP Day

Step up and truly shine in this special day designed to help you finally stand out from the crowd and have your unique voice heard and seen around the world!

-> Mp3 Recordings of all of your powerful coaching calls
-> SHINE Membership Site – Access to all audio videos and supplemental materials

->Empowering Music Library -Access to Uplifting, Empowering and Meditation music to support your journey


Now is YOUR time. Step into your power and SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

I can’t wait to help you…

Love and Light,

Orgena Signature


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