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#1  Hair and make up tips and tools 

#2  What to Wear (and what not to wear) training

#3  How To Calm Your Nerves Before, During and After

#4 Vocal Health Kit for Vocal Mastery

#5  Practice Interview with Orgena 

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Maximize your appearance with this powerful training! 

This is your chance to be seen before thousands. Don’t take a chance on not looking your best! 

You never get a 2nd chance to make a good first appearance so let’s make sure you’re at you’re best for your interview!

Be empowered to let your authentic voice shine through!


If you’ve already done a number of interviews and want to REALLY STEP UP into a whole new arena, and SHINE YOUR LIGHT, click here to see our SHINE SUPERSTAR and SHINE DIAMOND.


Hear what people are saying about working with Orgena and being on the Orgena Rose Show!


Rhonda Liebig“AHHHHHH that interview was so much fun. Orgena Rose you made me feel so comfortable in being able to share with everyone what is deep in my heart, pure transformation and getting into your authentic path. YES!”

– Rhonda Liebig, Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Author of “The FITT Solution”





“What a great experience to be a guest on the Orgena Rose show.  From getting hair and make up done, to seeing the beauty of the set, and getting to be in the audience as the episodes were filled, the day was magical. Orgena is a wonderful, soulful interviewer.  I felt like she helped me really shine by her beautiful energy and wonderful questions.  It was awesome to be able to promote that I was a guest on the show and then get great feedback about my episode.  Thanks Orgena for the opportunity!

-Therese Skelly, Money Mindset Mentor and Business Catalyst



kumari-header-fullWOW I feel so honored and excited and the sharing has already begun! You were BORN to do this! You’re such a natural and I LOVE playing with you Orgena and look forward to all the ways we get to play in the future! I’m in!  -Kumari,

Some of the fans say…


Your show is fantastic!  You are such a “comfortable host” letting the people tell their stories while you react with such obvious joy and enthusiasm.  I have already started “advertising” you.  The “purpose of the show” is going to appeal to many women and give them encouragement and a desire to use their own gifts       -Bette K.

I feel this “shift” that’s trying to happen inside of me. Part of me is scared, as I am not certain how to proceed. I guess I need a guide. Then tonight I watch your show and its totally in full alignment with what’s been happening to me recently. All three of your guests were wonderful.    -L.T. Turner



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