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“Words Truly cannot express how much this song “Be Bold, Play Bigger” means to me. I not only use it for my business but it encapsulates everything that I believe in! Honestly, I’m blown away by the impact partnering with Orgena has had on my business!  My business is rapidly growing and expanding! We finally made a million this year! I’m so deeply, deeply grateful to her guidance, her amazing skills, her amazing voice…I love her like a sister! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”– Vanessa Shaw

“Orgena’s amazing singing added tremendous value to my event…and her choice of material perfectly supported the message I wanted to give to my audience. Her soul and voice were a huge catalyst for helping attendees to step into their power. Orgena is a true professional…our secret sauce!”

– Kendall Summerhawk, Millionaire Marketing & Soul Coach        

Kendall’s Signature Song: “Believe” –

Thank you for your beautiful gift! ~ Marianne Williamson

Our Deepest Fear/Shine Your Light





Having never had a song written for us before, we didn’t know what to expect. To say we were blown away would be the understatement of the century. August’s song embodies everything we could have hoped for and more. They crafted a song that will stay with our family forever

– Amy and Tom Birks    – “The One I Love”


Your Message

  • You share with us the basics of your message through a series of fun questions that will be sent to you.
  • You connect with us (online, or telephone) to go into more detail about special moments, inside jokes, important dates, and themes you may want included.
  • We talk about your favorite songs and artists to capture your style

Your Music

  • Your song takes shape through melody and lyrics.
  • You review the song and give final approval for recording. This is a fun and interactive process.
  • Your song is recorded in a professional studio with award winning engineers and talented musicians who come in for your song.
  • Finally, your song is mixed, and mastered for radio quality. Ready to be shared with the world.

Your Moment

  • You receive a high quality digital mp3 version of your song.
  • You watch the reaction as you play the song for someone you love, your employees, or clients as you walk on stage at your next big celebration or in your podcast, radio or TV show!
  • You can even have it sung live at your event for the ultimate experience! This is truly a song you will treasure for years to come.

JACKET -75                                             

Ruth’s Signature Song: “Show Up” 

“Wow, Wow and WOW…the lyrics to the song you crafted for my event was OVER THE TOP beautiful…the  melody was fun, engaging and interactive and the sound was INCREDIBLE~~~ Thank you Orgena…can’t THANK YOU enough” – Love Ruth Klein         

“It feels so inspiring! I can see that inspiring my audience from the intro of each show. Fabulous my friend, FABULOUS!!!”

Rhonda Liebig, Host of The Fresh Inspiration Show

Rhonda’s TV Show Theme Song, FRESH INSPIRATION


Listen to this powerful meditative sample that Broadway Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Arranger, Orgena Rose was featured in…


Step Into Your Power

Now Is the Time

Schedule your call today as Orgena’s schedule fills quickly and 2021 is already getting full!


Why should I order a Signature Speaker Song?
There are many reasons why you’d order a Signature Speaker Song. If you’re a speaker, author, or coach, think of how empowering it would be to not only inspire yourself before your next speech, but inspire others before you’ve even spoken with your very own theme song. Imagine everyone dancing and singing your song – literally! Discover the power of your very own song to captivate and magnetize new clients to you! Hear your story set to a melody that touches people for years to come. Schedule your call.

How long does it take to get my song? How far in advance should I plan to have the song for my event?
The time it takes to create a song will vary depending on how many instruments are used, how soon your deadline is, and how quickly you give final approval on melody and lyrics. Once you’ve given final approval on lyrics and melody, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to complete the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering process, however, rush options are also available with a turn around time of a week or less. After this process, you’ll have immediate access to the digital content and the CD will be created and shipped to you. Ideally, you’ll want to order your custom song at least 1 month before a big event. Rush options can be discussed during your consultation. Schedule your call.

What do I get when I order my custom song?
It depends on the package you choose! In the VIP, you will receive a digital download of the radio ready song, a lyric sheet, CD with your custom artwork, and a custom music industry plaque. In the Rock Star Experience Experience, you’ll receive all of that plus sheet music, backing track, a live performance, and more.  Discover your options here.  Schedule your call.

Who will sing on the track?
Orgena is the vocalist for most custom songs, however, occasionally you may want another vocalist, a male vocalist, or YOU may want to be the vocalist! All of this can be discussed when you chat with Orgena during your Song Creation Call to determine how you want your song to sound. This is your song, and you’ll be able to choose. Schedule your call.

Is there any type of song you can’t write?
Orgena can write a song for you in most any genre you’d like, and surrounding just about any topic you’d like as well due to her incredibly diverse musical background. From Broadway to jazz, gospel to pop, folk to R&B, classical to rock, tribal to ambient, Orgena has done it all. We also have other songwriters on our team that we can utilize if there’s a specialized sound you’d like. Please note: We reserve the right to refuse song proposals that are vulgar in nature, contain profanity, or that discriminate against race, religion, sex, sexuality, or ethnicity. We are only about inspiring, uplifting, and empowering music. Schedule your call.


Orgena has appeared on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Oprah, Today, Conan, PBS, Universal and Disney, Orgena Rose has combined her over 25 years in the arts and being one of the first online entertainment producers.

She has worked with top companies such as Disney, Universal, Petsmart, and Blue Cross, appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies where her original music is featured, sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Lea Michele and Audra McDonald, and shared the stage the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith and other great luminaries.

Orgena Rose has been a singer, songwriter for over 25 years, and is brilliant at creating the perfect song for organizations and events! She creates beautiful, memorable songs with powerful lyrics that capture your message perfectly and like an “earworm” stay in the listeners hearts for years to come! We all know the power of music to express emotions and captivate when words alone aren’t enough. Get your unique, one of a kind song to stand out from the crowd and really make the impact you desire!

 AS SEEN ON…As-seen-on

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Orgena, I can barely speak from tears of joy! You NAILED IT SISTER! This is EXACTLY what we wanted to convey…the feeling, the energy, the spirit, and the lyrics are absolutely PERFECT! THIS is why we chose YOU and you delivered! THANK YOU! – Sherri Brewer, Peacehealth Hospital

“When you opened Vanessa Shaw’s, Big Bold Event, you sang the song “Be Bold, Play Bigger. I had no idea how that song would impact me later… it has had a profound effect! Like the jingles you hear on the TV and radio commercials, those words whisper in my ears at times when I need strength. Obviously others at the conference felt that way as well, because one of the gentlemen asked the group – ‘does anyone else keep hearing Orgena’s voice saying/singing Be Bold, Play Bigger?’ Several others including me gave a resounding “YES”. Thank God that you gave us all the gift of that song to help us on our journey. Now, whenever, I feel fear and uncertainty, I go back and play that song. You also sang the song Step into Your Power …for the group. Your writing is awesome –they are the very words that many of us need so desperately to hear. And rather than providing a speech, you speak to us in the form of music… music to the Soul.” – Rhonda Culver
“Orgena, I am so taken with your music! I have been listening to the CD you gave me, turning it up and singing along in the car. It keeps me positive and pumped!! I know that it would help my community in a very important way.” – Ginny McNinn – Empowering Music Club Member
“Orgena I absolutely love your music! I already have your CD and I bought 10 copies for my clients to inspire them too!” – Diana Gogan
“Woo Hoo. Today I completed my second run for 25 minutes. Who would have thought that was possible. In 7 weeks I’ve gone from only being able to run for a few minutes to this. Amazing. Thanks to Orgena Rose for your inspiring tunes that kept me going…they are really motivational!” -Julie Felton –
“Coffee + Orgena Rose music for inspiration + everything I know… = one amazing month…woo!”  – Michelle Shaeffer
I’m always listening and dancing to your song, Step Into Your Power! It’s very empowering… We want to use it for our new radio show! – Rhonda Liebig/Maria Appelqvist
You’re music is amazing! Thank you so much for singing at my event! My husband absolutely loved your music…that’s why he bought all those copies of your CD! I definitely have to have you sing at my next event in the spring!” – Debbie Allen
You have such an amazing voice! I have to share you to other powerful women who need to hear you and have you sing at their events! – Sabine Messner
I can’t believe you wrote that song in one week and sang it so beautifully here today! It fit so perfectly! Absolutely amazing! Of all the singers we’ve had, no one has commanded a standing ovation at every service!  – Richard Maraj, Unity of Phoenix
Your music is so incredibly powerful and so perfectly fits the message! Thank you for moving us so deeply. – Michele Whittington
Orgena’s voice moves my soul – Richard Rogers, Unity of Phoenix