Stop Losing Your Voice – Ebook Thank You!

Your full voice restoration may be just one step away… but to get there, you have to take action!

After all, how many times have you bought a book you just knew would make all the difference…

but somehow never found the time to read it?

And I know actually reading this book and doing what it says will make all the difference.

So I’ve designed the Stop Losing Your Voice Quick Start!

This STOP LOSING YOUR VOICE QUICKSTART is designed to be a more hands on”extra support” for you to implement the tools from the e-book!  

Imagine knowing exactly what to do so your voice will always be there for you, powerful and strong no matter what.

Imagine never having to worry about losing your voice or getting horse or raspy in the middle of your event or after a long day of speaking or singing, and traveling. 

Imagine having the confidence that your voice is right there for you when you need it the most!



You will have immediate access to the Quick Start course.

It includes:

  • Stop Losing Your Voice™ audio training

  • Emergency Voice Rx™ – Discover the exact 5 Steps to save your voice NOW. 

  • A Vocal Breakthrough call with Orgena. We’ll work the tools together and you’ll be able to get your questions answered.

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group, to connect with a community of like-minded voices to give you support, share experiences and cheer you on.

  • Lifetime Access to these powerful tools and training

Everything you need to support your voice is right here

and you don’t have to do it alone.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Orgena Rose and I have helped numerous speakers, seminar leaders and singers save their voices for the past 20 years! I’ve studied the voice and Vocal Pedagogy at the University of the Arts and Westminister Choir College. I’ve also performed on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, PBS, Oprah, Conan and in international tours singing everything from rock, gospel, jazz and classical. In the beginning with doing 8 shows a week, the recycled air on planes and dry air in hotels, I used to lose my voice regularly. I started missing major performance opportunities.

I had to find a solution.

I started pulling together all of the techniques my amazing voice instructors from The Met, Carnegie Hall, Broadway, Gospel and Rock to create a step by step system to rebuild my voice from the inside out. This method included:

  1. Bolstering my inner voice and confidence
  2. Strengthening the voice itself and building stamina, and
  3. Learning what to eat and drink, what to avoid, and little know secret herbs I could use so my vocal cords would stay strong no matter what.

It worked!

I stopped losing my voice, even if I was sick or exhausted, and have helped thousands of speakers, ministers, teachers, students in universities, colleges, high schools and workshops all across the US and around the world for the past 20 years to do the same with my method. My students and clients have powerful voices to share their message and sing their song at all times. Now you can too!

Don’t wait one more day to save your voice!

This training would normally be $197 but for a limited time…

JOIN THE QUICKSTART FOR JUST $27 I’ve made it this low because I’m on a mission to get this out to as many speakers, teachers, ministers and singers so you can deliver your message powerfully, every time, and stop struggling to hold on to your voice right when you need it the most. It breaks my heart to hear speaker after speaker apologizing because their voice is going – right in the middle of sharing their message! Instead of having the impact they really want, their audience is distracted by their raspy voice or “ahems” to clear their throat.


With the Stop Losing Your Voice Quickstart you’ll receive:


*EMERGENCY VOCAL RX – Save your voice NOW!

*Get the latest updates and tips since the E-book was first written (and ongoing!)

*What to do AND not to do when you travel on planes and speak in dry hotels 

*Natural Herbs secrets that will actually strengthen your voice!



Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying…


– Nathan Timothy, Founder of the Songwriting Charity, London, UK 

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“You are a great teacher!  Thank you!” – Kendall Summerhawk, Millionaire Marketing & Soul Coach 

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I wouldn’t be where I am today without Orgena Rose. I owe her my whole career!

Sonya Carter, COO of Entertainment Events, NYC

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I’m finally singing solo again!

Thank you Orgena!! I couldn’t even sing in a choir because of my voice problems but I’m finally singing solo again! No more donut hole in my voice. Thank you!!! I wouldn’t have a voice without you! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help.
-Marsha Stevens, Founder of Balm Ministries and Mother of Contemporary Christian Music

Your voice is too important to not have it be ready for you at all times

“After only 1 session I got what I needed. She knows how to cut to the core of what it takes to free your voice to do all it can do! Life Changing!” – Paige Peterson

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I’ve learned things from her that I didn’t even learn in college! I am astounded by all that my voice can now do! You’re such a gift and a blessing! Thank you! – Aaliyah La Reine

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“With Orgena’s guidance, I have truly found my voice and she has continued to help me and several others accomplish our goals… Ms. Rose is not only a talented, gifted and professional vocal coach with an impressive professional career but she is a very giving and patient teacher.” – K. Houston, Vision Consulting, LLC

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“Her knowledge of the human instrument is phenomenal and she has many “tools” in her vocal tuning toolbox to share. My own voice has become stronger as I have aged and my confidence in my performing ability has definitely been boosted by my sessions with Orgena.” – Lyndsey Watson, River of Song

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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