Special Training with Dr. Anja Walter-Ris

Dr Anja Walter-Ris


Join us also for Dr. Anja Walter-Ris’ Special Training 
Where you can see the amazingly powerful  
Alpha Synapses Programming done on Beyonce’s 
former backup singer and star of Chicagolicious
Niki Robinson!


“If I were asked to sum up the results in two words those two words would be“ Grace and Ease“ I’ve since launched a website,completed Yoga Teacher Training w//Yogaworks, just recently began blogging on my website illuminiki.com, the blog ”Niki Knows“ [which is ] a very personal piece of my work in the world, and last but NOT least I now have a permanent segment on the ORGENA ROSE SHOW called Yoga with Niki. The Work with Anja has somehow given me permission to say YES to what I want unapologetically, minus the guilt of becoming someone I’ve not been before therefore leaving the old me,people,places,ideas and situations behind.That in and of itself is quite a profound statement.It requires a very particular mindset to manifest that which one seeks to find in the world. I AM very clear about what I feel and I have the energy available to me to follow it thru to conclusion. I AM grateful for Anja’s  presence in my life. The work with her has had a profound effect on me of which I imagine has just begun to take shape. “ – Niki Robinson


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About Dr. Anja Walter-Ris

Dr. Anja Walter-Ris, Author, Speaker and Stardom Coach!

Anja has studied over 30 years to find out why we have negative beliefs, how we change them, and how WE CAN REALIZE our dreams and potential in the three core areas of human life: our Relationships, our Personal Growth and our Work. In and through those three areas we try to realize our three primal needs and longings: LOVE, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

But that´s easier said than done, right? Because…

Everything is Relationship and Relationship is Everything!

That´s where Anja, Stardom Coaching and Alpha Synapses Programming™ come in!

Stardom coaching encompasses energy healing work that has a deep impact on all levels of your being – mind, body and soul – as well as masterful breakthrough coaching and truthful communication training.

Anja has many years of experience in career, marketing and psychological life coaching for performing artists, creative entrepreneurs and coaches, which ensure astonishing transformations and results in surprisingly short time frames.

Anja is the first Alpha Synapses Programming™ Teacher & Specialist – certified directly by the German founder and developer Lissy Götz – to bring this new, revolutionary, cutting-edge healing modality to the United States!

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