Sponsorship Breakthrough Secrets

Get YOUR Show, Product, Book, Tour, Event, or Cause Sponsored and Promoted by Major Corporations and Non-Profits!

Instead of trying to get that bank loan for your business from Mom, Dad, friends and the next-door neighbors who don’t have money to spare, how else can you fund your business’s growth, book, show or live event?

When Linda Hollander needed more revenue for her business and events, she sought out corporate sponsors such as Microsoft Store, Epson, Citibank, Fed Ex, American Airlines, Bank of America, Staples, Marriott, Wal-Mart, and IBM and found that these companies were actually willing to give her money!

Companies are spending more money on sponsorships each year, even in this economy. In fact they will spend over $18 billion on sponsorshipsthis year alone.

Why are companies doing this? It’s simple. Sponsorships are giving them better returns than traditional advertising.

Who and what will corporate sponsors fund? You might be surprised. They will fund small businesses, events, life and business coaches, speakers, authors, entertainers, show hosts, athletes, self-help experts, health-and-wellness practitioners, Internet TV and radio shows, podcasts, online and offline magazines, non-profit charities, and social entrepreneurs.


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“Very easy to use sponsorship plans and information.  This is a photo of a plaque my daughter Katrina’s swim team presented to our local grocery store.  Your information made it very easy to get them to sponsor her team.  I’m now working on a getting a large corporate swim apparel company to sponsor her team.  Thanks a bunch.” – Kevin Pope (Miami, FL)


“Here is a photo of my most recent sponsors.  Ken and Janice own a restaurant in my town and just signed a $2500 dollar sponsorship contract with me.  Your restaurant methods for getting sponsorships are great.  I’m heading out to meet with another restaurant owner tomorrow.” – Frank Timberland (Minneapolis, MN) 
“This is me and my sponsor Jim Marsh at the starting line.  Jim manages three local Star Bucks and owns a bike shop. Your information has been a great help in getting cycling sponsors. Jim and his bike shop have continued their sponsoring agreement with me into the next year.  Thanks!” – Mark Curlin (Seattle, WA) 



“This is the photo my local newspaper featured me with after winning a bass fishing competition.  The funds I received with your sponsorship info helped me win.  My sponsor got his business mentioned in the paper and he was very happy.  I can’t thank you enough” – John Tauber (Wisconsin) 


“Your sponsorship information has helped my high school golf team get thousands of dollars in free golfing equipment.  Took me only 2 weeks.” – Jeff Caine Main West High School (Illinois)