Sponsorship Breakthrough System

“Get YOUR Show, Product, Book, Tour, Event, or Cause Sponsored and Promoted by Major Corporations and Non-Profits!”

You don’t want (or can’t get) that bank loan for your business. Mom, Dad, and the next-door neighbor don’t have money to spare. So how can you fund your business’s growth, book, show or live event?

When Linda Hollander needed more revenue for her business and events, she sought out corporate sponsors such as Microsoft Store, Epson, Citibank, Fed Ex, American Airlines, Bank of America, Staples, Marriott, Wal-Mart, and IBM and found that these companies were actually willing to give her money!

Companies are spending more money on sponsorships each year, even in this economy. In fact they will spend over $18 billion on sponsorships this year alone.

Why are companies doing this? It’s simple. Sponsorships are giving them better returns than traditional advertising.

Who and what will corporate sponsors fund? You might be surprised. They will fund small businesses, events, life and business coaches, speakers, authors, entertainers, show hosts, athletes, self-help experts, health-and-wellness practitioners, Internet TV and radio shows, podcasts, online and offline magazines, non-profit charities, and social entrepreneurs. And it’s not incredibly difficult either.

Why most people don’t make it

So why do most entrepreneurs fail?

Reason #1: They try to do everything themselves.

They spend years building theirs lists (aka their database), they spend years trying to figure out how to reach their audience, they spend years trying to raise money, they spend yearstrying to build their business… you get the story.

Reason #2:  Not enough customers.

Reason #3:  No strategic partnerships (and they don’t know how to get them).

The saddest part is that these issues could easily be avoided if we made smarter choices — choices to partner with other organizations.

Consider this…

1. Nonprofits and corporations ALREADY have the STAFF, BUDGETS, and INFRASTRUCTUREin place to help grow your business so that you don’t have to do everything yourself!

All you have to do is create mutually-beneficial partnerships with them so that they’ll plug you in and help you grow.

2. Nonprofits and corporations ALREADY have the CUSTOMERS who can become your clients. Believe me, you don’t have to worry about having enough customers when you have major organizations promoting you, selling your stuff, sponsoring you, and recommending you as their preferred partner.

Imagine this scenario:

  • Appear on your own TV show and major stations across the country through your partner’s media relationships

  • Sell thousands of copies of your book A YEAR (without $1 spent on marketing)

  • Reach millions of people with your message through THEIR databases

  • Get $100,000 in advances by including your partners in the promotions of your show

  • Get thousands of viewers and listeners for your show, making you a go-to expert in your field

  • Get hundreds of thousands in SPONSORSHIPS for your show, conference or dream event

  • Build training programs that get rolled out to the world — yes, by your partners — and millions of youth, corporate employees, and nonprofit volunteers

  • Book highly-paying speeches in one year through your partners and sponsors

  • Raise tens of thousands for your favorite causes

  • Build a database of thousands of people in in a short time

With the Sponsorship Model, you NEVER have to worry about doing everything yourself or getting more customers!

Your sponsors will help you because it actually BEHOOVES them to see you succeed in a win-win partnership.

Are you getting this?!?

You see, sponsorships are THE business strategy, and with my Sponsorship Breakthrough System,

I’m going to show you step-by-step how to find and create them.

And as a bonus, I’m going to give you a copy of the EXACT proposal used to get nonprofit and corporate sponsors that helped bring in over $100,000 in sponsorships. (Yes, the ACTUAL proposal and I walk you through it line-by-line.)

When you need this

You might wonder if the timing is right. Well, here’s a secret:

If I had known the Sponsorship Model years ago, I’d have 10X the income and impact I have now.

That’s because I would have set my business up differently, I would have written and launched my first book differently, I would have done things differently…. If I had known all the advanced stuff I know now… whoa.

You might also be saying, “Well, my show or product isn’t done yet, so now isn’t the right time, right?” Uh, nope, totally wrong.

No matter where you are in your speaking career, or in creating your product, show or event, THIS is the time to learn this information. Why?

Because you will save time, money and years of struggle by connecting with sponsors from major organizations to create true wealth and influence.

No matter where you are in your business, you can put the Sponsorship Model into play for your next project in a matter of weeks not years!

What’s the cost of the Sponsorship Breakthrough System?

Answer:  A mere fraction of what you could receive from
just one major sponsorship deal

When I hired a top notch LA based PR Firm to create my sponsorship packet, the investment was $10,000 just to create it with a 30% split going to the publicist!

 But in the SPONSORSHIP BREAKTHROUGH SYSTEM I will walk you step by step through exactly how to Get Sponsors Now for your business for only $1997  $997 with Q&A call or $597 without Q&A through 12 midnight PST, Sunday, February 14th.

After that it goes back to the regular investment which is still an amazing deal considering you will learn exactly what it takes to get sponsors over and over again year after year for your business!

The Sponsorship Breakthrough System downloadable course comes complete with audio, worksheet, samples, checklists and templates so you have everything you need to attract sponsors immediately.

As a bonus, you’ll receive the


This powerful resource is chock full of irresistible and amazing benefits to offer your sponsor!  This is the perfect antidote to not being able to come up with juicy ideas that will inspire your sponsors to say Yes! (Value: $197)

Order TODAY before 12:00 midnight, PT and receive a FREE Sacred Money Archetype Reading. Your Sacred Money Archetype is the key to unlocking your Sacred Money Contract (yes, we all have one) and eliminating your money struggles. (Value: $197) See more about that here www.orgenarose.tv/sacred-abundance-free-reading/

You’re also protected by my no risk “Client Happiness Guarantee!” If you are not completely happy and do not agree that I’ve provided you with incredible information and value in this course, simply write us and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

So…Let’s get sponsors now! Register for the Sponsorship Breakthrough Session today and receive immediate access!

WITH Q&A – $997



Isn’t it time you have the money you need to succeed?


 “I can’t believe it!!! 3 days after our session I got the 3 things I requested! And $12,000!!! THANK YOU!!! ”                        -Dee, D.


“I am completely blown away! In less than a week I received $18,000!!! WHAT?? Did that really just happen? You don’t know what a blessing you are! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Aaliyah, D.



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