The Divine Messengers

  Divine Messengers 

Sharing Love and Light


This is a calling…a legacy.

On this network we will share the stories, music and messages of love and light.

This is where you come in. 

I am called to lay the foundation of this network with 12 divine messengers,

shining a light on their work and sharing their message with the world.

I believe you are one of those messengers.

This invitation is literally only going to the 12 I believe in, personally know their work first hand and have been guided to be one of the first of The Divine Messengers

You have been chosen.

The details of what this means and how it will work can be found below but the bottom line is…

You will personally have me as your good faith advocate, promoting, supporting and bringing people to your

events, products and services.

I already believe in you and see your heart is to truly uplift the world, bring healing and raise the vibration on the planet.

I want to deeply serve and support you with the experience and gifts that I have to get your voice and message heard in a bigger way the world.

Together we can be the change.

Right now your voice is needed more than ever. People are hurting, lost and full of fear right now. We may even have had our own moments but realize it’s up to us to stand as love and light in these times.

The other beautiful part is that the along with me, you will have the love and support of the other Messengers in the network.

Yes, we’re pioneers but we don’t have to be lone wolves out there trying to do it all on our own. We need those who will have our back and be there for us when we fall or are feeling low as we support our own tribes.

So, if this is resonating for you as it already is in my soul, let’s connect and talk through the details.

I love you and look forward to helping others to love you as I already do.

Much Love and Light,

Orgena Rose has combined her over 25 years in the arts and entertainment as well as her spiritual journey which both began at the age of 7 to create a transformational experience that reaches people around the world 24-7. Highlights include performing on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Disney, Universal, international tours, as well as appearing on OPRAH, Today, Rosie O’Donnell Show, Conan and PBS. She has also appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies, has sung with artists such as Patti LabelleLea Michele and Audra McDonald, and shared the stage the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith and other great luminaries.
She has shared her original music and message at churches, spiritual centers, MCC conferences, charities and in concert since 1999 and has been recorded in numerous CDs including Broadway shows, Ella Fitzgerald tribute,. She created her own record label, Sacred Rose Music, in 2006 and produced four CDs of her own music which has been featured in movies, as well as other other artist’s music. Utilizing her background as one of the first online Entertainment Producers she expanded it to Sacred Rose Productions in 2013 to also include music video and TV production.
Orgena has also started numerous choirs and shared her voice, dance and theater expertise as a professor at colleges, high schools, and in workshops across the US helping others to “find their voice” and so they can sing and shine their brightest light since 1993. Her own education includes the University of the Arts, Westminster Choir College, Calvary Chapel Bible College and numerous other music and interfaith spiritual studies.
To give back she founded the Global Artists Academy, which provides courses, programs and workshops to those less fortunate, and WILU, which helps girls, teens and young women who have been abused, neglected or homeless.

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