Tiffany Joseph Retreat & Private Session


Get ready to experience your Ultimate Soul Declaration!


This is Who I Am is a sacred voyage into the hidden treasures of your vast and powerful Soul.  In this one day retreat, you’ll join hearts with spiritual adventurers like you and bring to brilliant form the mysterious language of your Soul.


Holding space for your SOUL EVOLUTION is my greatest honor.


Here’s my commitment to you:


You will intimately experience your soul through playful exploration.

You will gracefully experience a new relationship between your inner and outer world.

You will safely experience dynamic group energy in a sacred space.


 The Details…


  • Registration is $197, and includes one full day of art-making, conscious movement, storytelling, energy healing, and other creative & deeply experiential paths of soul voyaging.
  • We’ll go as deep as you are individually ready for!  Each group and space will create its own unique intentions.  However, due to the transformative nature of the work, a smaller, cozy venue will be required.  Groups will (typically) be limited to 12 people or less.
  • Your cost includes a vibrant lunch and snack, plus beverages galore.


Ready for Magic?



Or, contact me for more information.



Looking for something a little more private?


soul sessionsI also offer 1-on-1 sessions for those looking to explore in the comfort of their own time and space.

These are deeply intuitive and highly intentional.  My promise?  Your soul will be seen, celebrated, and lavished in love during this single hour of transformational and divine blessing!

Via Phone or Skype – your choice.



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