Spotlighting Non-Profits, Charities and Organizations

Answering the Call to Be The Change and Make A Difference in the World.

WILU is a weekly 30 minute TV show driven by the mission to be the change and make a difference in the world and in the lives of girls, teens and

young women who have been abused, homeless or are in need. We do this by sharing the inspiring stories of the youth and young women who are

struggling and need assistance, interviews with change-makers and their organization’s work, and the powerful stories of the lives transformed

through their help and the contributions of the viewers. All donations are sent directly to the organizations being spotlighted in each episode.

 Add to this performances by celebrities in the arts and entertainment and you have a powerful show for social change.

Welcome to WILU! We are honored you're a part of this series to share with our viewers your voice, your story and the work your non-profit, charity or organization is doing to make the world a better place.

Your participation is easy! Guests will be interviewed for 30 Minutes via Skype or in person (if you’re in the SoCal or Phoenix area during production) and record it.

During the interview you’ll be able to share:
- The non-profit, charity or organization you're working with
- Your personal story of how and why you connected with them
- How you and/or your business works with the organization and specific examples of those who have been helped
- Tangible inspirational tools for the viewers to join in supporting and contributing

Please set aside 1 hour on the day of your interview and arrive 30 minutes before your interview time if in person.

Join Orgena’s “Standing Room Only” Promise

Help us make the show and therefore, YOU, a big success and spread the word!

Our goal is to have “STANDING ROOM ONLY” for each of our guest's interviews. In order to have full and enthusiastic participation in the show - and to have maximum exposure for you and your message - Guests agree to:
1. Send out a Solo Mailer and social media posts at least 2 weeks leading up to the airing of their episode and throughout as we will do the same.

2. Join, like, follow, etc us on our social media platforms and we will also do the same. We strive to partner with you and time the airing of your segment with your organizations fundraising campaign, special event or drive but this is not guaranteed. You will be notified when your segment is set to air.

3. Guests agree to forward their charity or non-profit's website links, logos and photos along with their picture and bio to be listed on our webpage.

As a WILU Guest your non-profit, charity or organization receives the total donations from our viewers. Other arrangements such as a representative, treasurer or other designee may be made upon request. Donations are made to the non-profit, charity or organization through their donation link on their website or other online portal. For ongoing exposure and support and visibility, opportunities to become a partner or sponsor are available, please note in the comments as you complete the form below and you will receive the details.

I have read the foregoing and understand both what is required of me (“Guest”) and what will be provided to me by (“Host”) in connection with my appearance on the show.

I hereby grant WILU, or any Orgena Rose production the right to use all visual and audio recordings, photographs and transcripts of me and my interview in future presentations, programs, products and other activities for educational, commercial, informational or promotional purposes. I understand that WILU reserves the right to use such recordings, photos and transcripts for future purposes without financial compensation and assign any rights of ownership or copyright I may possess or be entitled to in any and all audio, video, photographic or transcribed recordings in which I appear in connection with WILU, the Orgena Rose Show or any other shows produced by Orgena Rose, Sacred Rose Productions or affiliated companies. I agree not to use the video in whole or part from these recordings without the express written consent of WILU, the Orgena Rose Show or its affiliated companies unless in its entirety .

WILU has agreed to provide to me, upon my request, an audio recording of my interview and/or the embed code for the video and agrees that I may use same in my future productions.


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*Signing with my initials above or participation in the interview constitutes my Full Agreement with the above statements and the Terms and Conditions*

Guest Agreement



Together We Can Be The Change

WILU is driven by the mission to be the change and make a difference in the world. We do this in a number of ways. Whether it’s via TV, expanding our coverage on cable and satellite, online live stream or giving to other non-profits, charities, and organizations – everything we do is directed toward spreading the message of unconditional love, acceptance, peace and well being for all people around the world.

We realize that none of this would happen without the support of our partners. If you are interested in partnering with us or becoming a sponsor, please place the word “Partner” in the comment section below. Partners receive ongoing visibility and continued support for your work. You will receive our Partner packet and a quick call to discuss partnership opportunities.

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 Thank you again for being the amazing being that you are and letting your light in the world!

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