Yes You Can Sing Certification


Certified Yes! You CAN Sing™

Vocal Coach Certification

With Orgena Rose

and The Rose Voice Method™

90 Day Certification Program


Imagine how adding this exciting, Done-for-You Business-in-a-Box to YOUR business will:
Give you marketable content that practically sells itself
Boost your credibility with premier coach training
Give you multiple streams of income opportunities
Give you content, systems, training and tools so you can double or triple your income


When you become a Certified Yes You Can Sing® Coach you will:


Attract ideal, high-paying clients
Offer marketable, done-for-you content, systems and tools that solve your clients’ biggest challenges, making you the person they hire over and over again
Create multiple streams of income, each designed to flow easily into the next so your business is exciting, fun and profitable
Prosper in your business and in your lifestyle which means you enjoy greater freedom, flexibility and income
Thrive in a supportive, collaborative tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs who are making a difference and who are led by an award-winning mentor you can trust and depend on


How you’ll be trained and certified as a Yes You Can Sing® Coach: handbutterfly

CYYCS training is open to just 25 participants and all of your training is led PERSONALLY by Orgena which means you’re getting stellar attention and training from the world’s leading voice empowerment coach training mentor.

The LIVE portion of your training includes abundant Q&A time and spotlight coaching with Orgena where she will reveal what works (and what doesn’t) to grow your financially and spiritually successful coaching business. As the winner of numerous awards, you are assured Orgena won’t hold back from sharing her insider’s secrets with you once you are a CYYCS participant!

2 Days of LIVE training with Orgena on the Yes You Can Sing® modules January 15 – 17, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA (attendance is required to be certified)
4 Months of ADDITIONAL teleseminar training with Orgena
CYYCS training exclusive community forum & website
Done-for-You downloadable versions of ALL exercises, handouts and materials – PLUS bonus pre-written website sales letter copy – you can brand as your own and use (yes, even while you are still in training!), in your programs, workshops, and more CYYCS is a complete system you’ll walk your students through, using these dozens of handouts, exercises and materials

I have designed this program to include the best of my 20 years of Vocal Performance

transformational coaching, plus my wealth and business building experience.

Are you ready to have your professional, powerful and purpose filled with this amazing certification program in 90 days?

This is your opportunity to tap into the energy of the collective & enjoy collaboration & coaching. What’s Included in Your Certification Program?

I have designed this program to include the best of my 20 years of Vocal Performance

experience, transformational coaching, plus my wealth and business building experience.

You’ll discover:

First Session Success-Learn the 5 steps to deeply connect with your students so they know you care, can help them and want to keep coming back for more

Rose Voice Method Certification – Learn the transformational step by step method that has helped thousands of people all around the world. Students step into the full power of their voice and have gone from not matching pitch to American Idol in 6 months as well as from working behind a desk for 12 years to national tours, Off Broadway and more!

Vocal Health Secrets -Top 10 Steps to keep your voice healthy-quickly and naturally. You’re students will THANK YOU as you help them to save their voice!

Empowered Marketing – How to Get Students through Networking, Workshops, and Referral programs.

What to Charge-How to see the value of what you do to price and package your coaching

Online Voice Coaching – Learn how to work with people all over the world and what works best so your student still gets great value

Bigger Vision/Legacy – What is your big WHY? Who are the people you feel called to help and what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind through this work?

How the program works

Live Training and Q&A Calls with Orgena

You will be walked step by step through the training and you’ll be able to ask me your specific questions live! You can submit questions in advance, or ask me live on the line. I want to make sure your questions get answered and that everything in the program is making sense for you. All Training and Q&A sessions are recorded and sent to you. (Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)

Can’t make the calls?  Please let us know any questions you have via email so we can answer them on the calls.


Learning Modules – Videos & Digital Materials

You’ll receive a new learning module every other week containing videos and digital materials that will teach you everything you need to know about the program. They include demonstrations, exercises, tips, tools and techniques that show you the ins and outs of the program. You will receive an email with your unique access to the information.


(Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)

Coaching Case Studies – Audio Deconstruction Sessions

You’ll listen to me facilitate live coaching with real clients, and then “deconstruct” the sessions so that you will know exactly how to apply the principles you’ve been learning in real scenarios with your clients. This is not a canned program. These are not

fake case studies. I will walk you through why I ask certain questions, why I stay silent when I do, and how I give tough feedback and say it with love. These deconstruction sessions will accelerate your learning tenfold. (Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)




BONUS #1: Online Community

Having a place to interact, ask questions, share wins and network is vital. This is key to your success, so we’ll have a private Members Only Facebook group just for program participants.

Bonus #2: VIP Day Intensive – Spend the entire day with Orgena as she walks you through each step of the Rose Vocal Method.™

Bonus #3: ChakraSing™ Session This is Orgena’s powerful Signature System that helps students connect their voice to their Chakras creating amazing shifts and paths to healing. This is a truly transformational journey!

BONUS #4: Free ticket to Yes! You CAN Sing Live® Workshop – Free general admission ticket to the Yes! You CAN Sing® LIVE Workshop

BONUS #5:  Free membership in the International Association Of Certified Vocal Coaches (IACVC) during your CYYCS training  Value: $497


Certified Yes! You CAN Sing® Coach Licensing Benefits Include:

The Certified Yes! You CAN Sing® Coach Training Program is a licensing program. That means once you complete the certification training, in exchange for a ridiculously reasonable annual license of $197 you’ll receive all ongoing benefits.

License to use ALL of the CYYCS registered trademarked titles and names anywhere in your business
License to use ALL of the CYYCS tools and strategies with your clients as either an entire system or in modules
Certified status — recognized by the International Association of Certified Vocal Coaches
Beautiful, professionally designed logo identifying you as a Certified Yes You Can Sing® Coach
Continued exclusive access to the CYYCS Coaches- only online community and forum
Annual LIVE CYYCS Leadership Call with Orgena
Listing in the ONLINE DIRECTORY of CYYCS Coaches on the IACVC website
Eligibility to apply for the Quantum Voice Mastery Certified Coach training program in the spring of each year
Exclusive rights to purchase wholesale, then resell or include with your programs, the gorgeous, professionally designed CYYCS products and tools at deeply discounted rates

Plus These Valuable Business Building Bonuses:

Done-for-You downloadable versions of ALL exercises, handouts and materials you can brand as your own
BONUS pre-written website sales letter copy
Opportunities to appear on the IACVC website spotlight

If CYYCS is resonating for you even just a little bit,

I HIGHLY recommend you register now!

Get ready for this incredible journey!

*See* you on soon!

Love and Light,

Orgena Rose

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Orgena Rose is a Producer, TV,Host, ComposerVocalist, Author, Motivational Speaker and Award Winning Voice Expert. She is Founder of Orgena Rose Studios, Global Artists Academy and Sacred Rose Productions ~Producing Entertainment That Empowers Transformation.

She is host of the Orgena Rose Show which shines a light on those who are letting their light shine. For over 20 years she has been helping artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to heal, empower and find their voice so they can get their message out into the world in a bigger way and shine their brightest light! She has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall, and toured internationally and appeared on OPRAH, Today Show, Rosie O’Donnell Show, PBS and Conan. She has also appeared in numerous commercials and movies where her original music is featured, has sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Audra McDonald, and shared the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson and other great luminaries. It is this depth of experience and expertise that she shares with others from a heart of love and a desire to empower others which is the very meaning of her name.

Called the next Oprah by many, Orgena is a pioneer of online broadcasting and was one of the first Entertainment Producers online at AV Daily News in 1999. She founded Sacred Rose Productions, a full service production company where she not only produces TV but video and original music as well. Ms. Rose has attended and taught at such prestigious schools as University of the Arts, Westminster Choir College and American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and worked with choirs all around the world. She also founded the Global Artists Academy, through which she provides workshops, programs, and courses in her mission to give back and inspire, empower and transform lives. Her students and clients have gone on to start new successful businesses, get national TV interviews, land leading roles, tour internationally, sing on American Idol, win Mrs. America competitions, and have successful businesses that have been tapped by Oprah to appear in O magazine!

Empower Your Voice ~ Shine Your Light ~ It’s All About Love


michelle weringtonAs a performer, Orgena energizes and uplifts with her lovely voice and enlightened energy. Her vocal artistry and genuine caring heart can bring laughter and joy to the audience or stir the soul at depth… With her incredible loving presence, Orgena inspires people to find their unique voice and with her technical skill she assists them to find the highest form of expression for their individual gift. Her workshops are empowering and transformative for all who attend.”

Michele Whittington, Creative Living Fellowship


“Orgenjoannahzamoraa is amazing and powerful! I started training with her in Yes You Can Sing just to sing better and ended up on a  yearlong journey writing music, performing live, and airing a YouTube channel. Now I’m recording my

first EP and creating a lucrative singing career, and she has helped me every step of the way. I now make double what I did before I started. When you work with Orgena you don’t just improve, your whole life changes!”

  Joannah Zamora

ramon pratt“I secretly claimed Orgena as my personal vocal mentor. Over the years we have worked together in several performances and capacities on stage. She has the ability to make you want give the best performance you can without the usual performance anxiety. Singing with a genuine smile on your face can brighten your vocal tone like you would not believe. I have also had the pleasure to watch her prepare and conduct private coaching sessions with others and have always been amazed at how easy and joyous she makes a voice lesson flow. As much as I had resisted teaching students privately, watching and learning from Orgena gave me the strength and courage to say “yes” and in 2010, I began working privately with several adult students and have loved it ever since.

                                 Ramon Pratt



“Orgena is such a great teacher, she inspired me to write and perform my own song. She creates a space for others to be their best!”

MJ Black


lt“This is exactly what I wanted! Love IT. This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much. I must say after doing these Level II Work Outs (and they ARE a full work out), my voice seems and feels able to do MORE with my voice and with ease. Amazing stuff…Now I’m so excited to be singing as a soloist, creating my first CD and living my dream!”

LT Turner



alanis“She is so inspirational. Because of her and Yes You Can Sing I made it in to a performance arts school that I have been wanting to get in to. She keeps you going. She helps you with everything to make you the best. I can’t wait to continue this journey with her.”

Alanis B.




  “Thank you! I had such a great time last night…I would never have imagined that singing (in front of other people) could be this empowering.  I can’t wait until next week.” P.W.

“This class was fun and non-threatening – I loved the gentleness. I gained more confidence that maybe I CAN sing.” M.L.

“I was cast as a regular in a murder mystery dinner play, then this weekend I went on THREE auditions, and got cast in TWO productions… between rehearsals, performances & classes, ‘my cup runneth over’…Please keep me on your mailing list, I would like take the “Yes you CAN sing” workshop if you offer it again.  I really enjoyed the two sessions I attended.” N.P.


“I felt much more free to sing. It was nice that others in the class were on the same level as me.” B.W.


“It was good to have the chance to bump up against my fear of singing. I loved the group singing.” C.M.


“This was an amazing confidence boost and I gained concrete singing skills. There was lots of support and feedback in a wonderfully safe environment.” E.H.


“Orgena is an excellent singer and teacher!” D.S.


“There was so much love shown to us to give us confidence.” P.B.


“I feel I learned to put more heart into my singing. The friendliness of the instructor and classmates was the best. I loved Orgena’s technical help and her openness about her own fears that she has overcome and wanted everyone to feel comfortable about expressing themselves with song.” M.H.


“I got to fulfill my wish to sing a solo for an audience. This workshop gave me more confidence and concrete exercises to improve my technique. I had fun especially in the group singing, tone jamming and group exercises.” E.L.

Now Is Your Time!

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